Are you unable to forgive someone? Don't give someone that much power over your life. I know some people may think, "They hurt me so why should I even consider forgiving them?" That answer is blatantly clear, God forgave you. Even though you may consider your offenses less drastic, you are still forgiven. We didn't deserve to be forgiven and you may feel that your offender doesn't deserve it either. What kind of world would we live in if everyone felt like that?

No matter how complicated it is forgiveness is necessary. I blocked many blessings because I refused to forgive people. Now I let things go easily because there is a lot that I don't get right. Yeah, that's the reason why I choose to forgive. I choose to forgive because God chose to forgive me. I have nothing to lose by letting the pain go in certain situations.

Consider how much you have to gain when you choose to forgive. You sleep better, you live longer, you are actually healthier as well. Many studies suggest that the immune system can be compromised when negativity is present in our lives. It's actually not worth it to hold on to the pain. Take care of yourself by renewing your life with forgiveness.

Check out this advanced form of forgiveness that was displayed by a mother whose son was killed by her neighbor. This story is truly inspiring.


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