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I recently had a neurological checkup to monitor this persistent monster that has tried to invade my life, named Multiple Sclerosis, also known as disseminated sclerosis. Well yeah, I went to get an update on my situation and advise my doctor of new symptoms and reoccurring ones.

While there I met others who are dealing with the challenges of this disease. Some appeared "better" than some but still faced health complications. All of us were there for the same reason, multiple sclerosis. Even though we looked different we were similar due to our diagnosis. One cannot say they are "better off" than another because it is dependent on the stage of the disease etc..

No matter the stage, the symptoms, the situation is still the same and even though our scars may differ we are in a similar adversity. So it is a blessing and a lesson to meet so many people from different areas of life that choose to keep fighting... even if the battle has been said to be unbeatable. That do…

What a Journey This Is

It is imperative to take one day at a time and treasure every second of your journey. Every day is different. Some days will have sunshine while others may be full of rain. The important thing to remember is this - You are blessed to live in that day, someone somewhere didn't wake up to experience anything.

There is so much to be learned on the journey and that's where the real value comes in. Everything is a lesson and every person that is attached to your life is there for a reason, even if it's just a short while to teach you a lesson. The movie of our lives may include extras, you know, people that aren't there for the main event. They are there to make the scenery pretty. Enjoy them too, knowing that they are a part of the journey.

More importantly, we can't be anxious for anything. If you are strong in your faith you may be acquainted with a term called purpose. I am not doing well physically but I still believe I am here for a purpose. Fo…