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SUPPORT is so NECESSARY even if it's only ONLINE

Someone asked me the other day if support was crucial to someone living with multiple sclerosis. I returned the question with a "duh" stare. I said, "It's important to anyone with any type of chronic illness."
I personally know about the damage caused by such conditions. Not only do we have to contend with the difficulties in our bodies we also have to take on the truth that people may not view us the same. The only thing that actually changed is our physical, sometimes just internally.
We definitely need support but oftentimes we find that in people we never knew before we encountered the illness. The very people that we felt would be essential to our health sometimes distance themselves due to frustration or whatever. Think of how humiliating and hurtful that can be when you really don't have a handle on what is happening to your own body.
So pardon us if we spend time on social networks or around people who actually "get us"…