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Protect Your Covering

Myelin is the fiber that covers the nerve in the central nervous system. In multiple sclerosis the myelin is damaged and causes a disruption in nerve transmission. This occurs when the immune system invades the central nervous system and treats the myelin as a foreign invader. The immune system offers defense mechanisms against illnesses and so forth but is compromised in multiple sclerosis.
This can also be viewed in spiritual multiple sclerosis (SMS). Sometimes what is meant to defend against foreign "spiritual" invaders is used against us in regards to our damaging scars. Take for instance, our self esteem is used to defend against anyone who speaks negatively to our spirit. Proper self esteem does not cause damage to us, it helps us when we are under attack. It builds our character to fight the attacks on our spirit. 
In spiritual multiple sclerosis our self esteem is mutilated by our psychological scars. When we experience these scars they develop into sclerosis, attacki…