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Multiple Sclerosis is also known as disseminated sclerosis. If you have been following me you should be familiar with my mission statement. Sclerosis goes beyond a scar. A scar is a mark left by a healed wound but sclerosis is a scar that causes damage.

In my case, in regards to MS, it is known to have a debilitating effect on the spine, the brain and optic nerves.

I talk candidly about SMS, or spiritual multiple sclerosis, because its similarities to the physical condition are uncanny. This disease can be analyzed spiritually and you will see many familiarities. Think on this scenario. We all have gone through something that has damaged our spirits at one time. The scar from the event was supposed to teach us a lesson but oftentimes caused damage instead. When the scar causes damage it's now sclerosis.
With these previous statements let's talk a little bit about this term, disseminated sclerosis. We should now have a clear understanding of sclerosis. Medical definitions also de…

The Spirit of a Warrior

I, along with many others, deal with the multiple symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Even though it seems as though there is limited recovery in sight I will still remain grateful. I could have lost the battle entirely and died of health complications. I am still here. I may be walking and talking slower but my being is still animated, even if the speed has changed.

There are many people who have been diagnosed with MS who have remarkable spirits. They have not allowed this unpredictable condition to stifle or cripple their spirit and they have radiated hope to everyone they meet. I can personally say that the right video on YouTube, or an inspirational snap on Snapchat has changed my mood many times. To those who have that spirit I would like to say thank you for everything you have given to us.

Here is one video that has inspired me:

There are many others. If you have one, respond to this post. I'd like to feature these great spirits for MSAwareness month. Blessings.