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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Mood Swings
I can honestly tell you that I didn't know about this symptom and how prevalent it was in the MS community. I would think, I am just having a bad day but it's nothing related to MS. Then it happened more frequently. In one occurrence I ended up offending some important people in my life. I try to keep a positive, self-conscious and high spirited energy but sometimes my mood swings make me a person I do not like. So I did what any concerned MS fighter would do... I researched the symptom to try to understand the madness in this symptom.
The mood swings along with other brain functions were fighting against this horrid visitor named MS. I was relieved somewhat to find out I was not losing my mind and I hadn't obtained this attitude without cause. So along with mood swings we may be touched by depression.  These findings explained a lot but it was too late to amend my situation in certain instances.
I am writing this for anyone who may be …