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Set the ALARM

Some would say they have New Year's resolutions. I have decided to make any resolutions now in 2016. It's like setting your alarm. You may use the snooze button often so it's best to set it a little earlier.

I feel like it is past time for us to have a change of heart and mind toward everything that has crippled us in previous years. How many years have we made goals that we didn't pursue? I can speak personally, it's been too many. When I discover the laziness or the absent mind it is already Spring. Then what's next? I decide to SPRING into a new goal... or is that just me?

I didn't choose any resolutions because it would be too many to list. Instead, I want to be a better me in 2017. I restarted my academic career in 2016 and I didn't initially plan that. I want to stick to the goal to pursue my first degree. This was supposed to be completed in the early millennium but it's never too late to finish something you've started.

I think that is the …