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He Remembered | The Jonah Experience Part 2

HE REMEMBERED... Jonah, like many of us, found himself in a dreadful situation when he ran from the assignment given to him. Imagine being caged in the stomach of a whale! In his time of despair he said this in Jonah 2:7, "When my soul fainted upon me [crushing me], I earnestlyandseriouslyremembered the Lord; and my prayer came to You, into Your holy temple."
Even though Jonah was in this situation he had sense enough to remember the Lord. When someone remembers something they remain aware or they have retained it in memory. Jonah was aware but he was also EARNEST and SINCERE when he remembered. When it says he was earnest it means he was serious in intention, purpose and effort. When we remember God and His blessings along with his discipline do we really understand with the intention to do better? Do we remember we are called according to HIS purpose? Do we make a diligent effort to do better?
Jonah was also sincere with his understanding. The Word says we must worship God in…


(Part I)

The story of Jonah is so relevant to many of us. I wanted to share my recent thought process while studying the book.
The basic error of the story was pronounced early in the first chapter. God instructed Jonah to go speak to the people of Nineveh. He was grieved by their actions and wanted Jonah to advise them of their demise if they didn't change their ways.
The error was Jonah's response. Instead of completing the assignment given to him, he chose to run away from it. Jonah 1:3 (AMPC) says, "But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from being in the presence of the Lord [as His prophet] and went down to Joppa and found a ship going to Tarshish [the most remote of the Phoenician trading places then known]. So he paid the appointed fare and went down into the ship to go with them to Tarshish from being in the presence of the Lord [as His servant and minister]".
Jonah wanted to get far away from the presence of the Lord. He chose to go a d…