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Faithful and Forgiving

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I want to take this time to recognize the character of the author and finisher of my life. We may place our faith in people, things or maybe our own strength but lets give credit where credit is due... well I will give my personal decree.
Living daily with multiple sclerosis has been a daunting task for nearly a decade. The loneliness, the discord within my body and the loss of friends was somewhat unbearable. That all changed when I realized that was not the final stage of my life. Even now, I cannot do much and mobility is limited but my spirit is soaring among the clouds while my body is pushing through each day.
His faithfulness and His forgiveness is the cause of my inner peace. Nothing can compare to something so genuine. Do I deserve His unwavering favor? Not at all! I deserve His wrath, His fair judgment in my situation. My life would not be bearable if God wasn't who He was. I am forever thankful that He …

My Triumph During the Trial

I wanted to take this time to let you know about the faithfulness I've encountered over the past few months. Many know that I have been dealing with the uninvited and unpredictable guest named, multiple sclerosis. Due to its untimely appearance in my life, I have not been able to do much, including work.
It was somewhat devastating at first, which is why I haven't posted on my website in months. Please excuse my slothfulness and I apologize to my followers. I am thankful for your calls and your emails. Your comments on the social networks were inspiring on occasions when I simply felt like giving up.
If you or someone you know is experiencing MS I would love to hear from you. Not many are aware of the magnitude of this disease. Some are paralyzed and completely immobilized and then there are people like me. We suffer with the invisible symptoms that are sometimes impossible to describe. How can you explain fatigue all day, or a headache that is constantly banging between your ey…