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Naked and Playing the Blame Game
Title too risqué? Well, so is the chance we take at trying to do wrong and blame it on someone else. The actions referred to are those that Adam and Eve took when they discovered they were in the garden naked. They blamed someone or something else. Adam blamed the woman and Eve blamed the serpent but they both knew what God commanded.
When caught in their sin they realized they were naked. So they made make-shift clothing with figs. We do the same thing when we are exposed. Sometimes we try to cover ourselves the same way Adam and Even attempted to. The blame game, in our eyes, hides our own nudity. Instead of being exposed we expose someone else. That is the sadness behind the Naked and Blame Game situation. No one wants to own up to their error in an attempt to rectify the situation.
Let's be better. God already knows you are hiding something when you try to cover it up with lies, secrecy or any other attempt at avoiding the truth. Come to God in yo…