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The DIVINE Benefits Package (Psalms 103)

The Divine Benefits Package
We are covered under this divine benefits package. The policy details are found in Psalms 103. The interpretation below is taken from The Message.


1-2 O my soul, bless God.
From head to toe, I’ll bless his holy name!
O my soul, bless God,
don’t forget a single blessing!

Before we claim any of the benefits our soul, our inner being, has to bless God - FROM HEAD TO TOE. Every part of us has to bless Him. We also can not forget a single blessing. If we do this we are entitled to these benefits:


3-5 He forgives your sins—every one.
He heals your diseases—every one.
He redeems you from hell—saves your life!
He crowns you with love and mercy—a paradise crown.
He wraps you in goodness—beauty eternal.
He renews your youth—you’re always young in his presence. 6-18 God makes everything come out right;
he puts victims back on their feet.
He showed Moses how he went about his work,
opened up his plans to all Israel.
God is sheer mercy and grace;

Work Is Not Done

We all have a job to do and I am not referring to the job that we may go to every day to cover living expenses. Unfortunately, multiple sclerosis has reared its ugly head and I am unable to do what I have done in the past, but I still have work to do.

I still have to work to edify the kingdom of God because no matter what happens in my body... I still believe. I believe that God works all things together for my good. Soon, I will be able to go home from work but I don't believe my shift is over.

So many of us view this place as home. This is not going to be our last stomping ground. I base that on my belief in Jesus Christ. I believe that one day we will go home but this place full of evil, hatred, and violence is not home. When our work is done we will have the opportunity to rest in peace. Let's continue working until we are granted that opportunity. Blessings.