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I have told many people, "I wouldn't wish MS on my worst enemy!" I really wouldn't. This disease has really tested me physically. I wouldn't want anyone to experience this and I hope they find a cure soon that will eliminate the terror that it has caused in my life and so many others.

So, MS has spoken loudly and I am not employed any longer as I formerly was. However, I still have the same financial obligations and now I have to wait on my SSI decision. Too much info? I don't think so. Why? People see the blogs, social media, self-published books etc. and believe that I am supported by these things. I smile, because one day that may be true but today that is not my testimony. My efforts have profited more spiritually and for that I am forever grateful. 

All I am asking for are your prayers... I appreciate all of you and I know that many of you have kept me uplifted. I will bombard heaven with my prayers for you while you do the same for me. Disabled by advance…