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Why Urban Christian Fiction?

Why Urban Christian Fiction? I am writing Urban Christian fiction now. My current series is called, Scarred Not Scared. In the series I want to talk about real people, in real situations, who are looking for the real God. My previous books were testimonials and they spoke on a non-fictional personal level. With urban Christian fiction I am able to speak in a voice that might not be my own, but it's relatable to me and the reader. I grew up in church but I had to let the church grow up in me. I been through some stuff and church is not the only thing I know. That's why I can give voice to characters who don't understand where they are in their walk with God... I've been there. I can talk about the effects of heartache and loneliness... I've been there too. Even if I can't personally relate to them I can speak on it, because I have been associated with a lot. I am using what I KNOW and what I KNOW about... because I have many experiences and I can give a voice to t…

David Osmond and MS


I watched this video today and I cried tears of joy. It's great to see people survive with great spirits in their journey with multiple sclerosis (MS). I needed this today since I am coping with a major medical turmoil related to multiple sclerosis. Even now, while typing this post, my hands are skipping keys and I have backspaced more than I would normally.

I am determined to make it through this with an enhanced spiritual perspective. The disease and its limitations will not cripple my spirit. No matter how hard it is, I will KeepSmyelin like the National Multiple Sclerosis Society says.

Thanks for your story Mr. Osmond and I pray you continue to experience remission.