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Rest in Peace Big Daddy

Arthur Butler1918-2015 You taught your children about faith, they in turn taught us about it... And I have faith in the fact that I will see you again, in perfect health, complete and well in every way... Until then, we can smile and remember the memories and lessons you shared with us all. You may not be in our presence physically but you are FOREVER in our hearts and minds. 

You Are More Than A Trend

 YOU ARE MORE THAN A TREND!   Social media has been trying to motivate people to follow common trends. What exactly is a trend? Well, says a trend is the general course or prevailing tendency; drift: It is also referred to as the general direction followed by a road, river, coastline, or the like. That's scary when you consider the road this world is on... it seems to be leading to more murders, bad relationships, money issues, single mothers... and more. Doesn't seem like a good trend, you think? So why do we try to trend when we are more than that. A trend is general and prevailing. So it is basic as our generation would say. Not only is it simple and basic but it is prevailing, meaning it is predominate. So think about it. Do you want to be predominately basis? Go beyond the trend and find something more. Find out that God loves you and you don't have to follow the trend to follow HIM. Trust me, following Him is better than following the trend. By the way,…

The "Better Way"

I thought if I found the right relationship, hung with the right friends, found the right job, I would have a better life. Through hurt and disappointment I found out that I always knew the best way, a better way. Even after my bad decisions I had someone to keep me smiling, who wanted me back even though I was broken and torn. I choose to live this better way now. The various rollercoasters of life taught me how to appreciate this life. Imagine, someone who is right for you, who wants to do right by you, and you don't have to second guess their motives? They exist! They want you to live a better way. He wants you as bad as you need Him. Give this better life a chance. 

A few songs celebrating women of God... by Canton Jones

Yeah, every man is not out there looking for a trap queen. Some men actually honor, respect and are looking for the women described in these songs. Don't think they exist? Let God let him FIND YOU... I think my friends and all of you who follow me on social media, know that I love gospel urban music - whether it's R&G (rhythm and gospel) or Christian rap. A friend of mine sent me the song above today. He told me that there was no pun intended because he knows where my heart is ;) He just heard it and thought I would like it. I DO! and I had to share it on my blog (and probably later on other social media) He told me it might be old but I love Canton Jones regardless. I am about this type of ministry... thanks! I needed this today! S/N I like the part that says "you walk high with your flats on - cause with out heels you know God gave you a platform". I used to love heels before multiple sclerosis but I believe I will get back there soon (Don't believe me just w…