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I was thinking the other night. Why do we take so long in pursuing our purpose? We should know what we are capable of but why do we fail to take action?

Look at it like this. You are reading this blog because you have either a computer or another type of electronic device. I'm sure that the device has a power button, right?

You knew what the button would do if you pressed it. If you pressed the button you could visit websites, make phone calls, etc.. However... nothing happens until you PRESS the POWER button. Were you authorized to use the device you are on? Is it yours or did you have to ask someone to use it?

Either way, you are on this website. You pressed the button and you could use this device. You know what? We have been authorized to use the power God has given us. We don't have to wait on permission to use the gifts he has given us. We wait needlessly for people to push us to our destiny but we already have the power to achieve our dreams. What's our problem? We…

Mad at God?

I can relate to people who are upset right now in life. You may be wondering, "Where is God?" I felt the same way and I cried some of those same tears. If God was so loving and if He wanted what's best for me... why are bad things happening to me? The things that I couldn't understand brought me to a place of resentment and distraught. I mean, I did what I thought was right and I tried the best I could but I still dealt with trials. There are some people who will tell you that you aren't doing something right or your life is not pleasing to God.  I found something out... that's not the issue at all at times.  We pray to God for clarity in some situations and we do not receive the answer we were expecting. However, you learn something from every experience in life and GOD always teaches us what we need to learn if we keep our focus on HIS will and not ours. That is what I had to keep in mind and I had to stop listening to others who did not know the truth ab…