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Put the Neighbor back in the HOOD

What is a neighborhood anyway? A neighborhood is a locality with a group of people in a familiar setting, or at least that is the most common description. There is another generalized definition: nearness;proximity. Many people condense the word "neighborhood" to "hood". We find protection in the hood because we can relate to its residents. They may resemble protection and some areas have neighborhood watch. Neighbors in the hood protect each other. That's how it used to be. A hood is a covering. It can provide warmth or protection from the different elements. Whether it be in a locality or otherwise, a neighbor is a person or thing that is near you. We have taken the neighbor out of neighborhood. We have become so detached or "hooded" that we can not recognize apersonwho is actually our neighbor. Don't refuse to showkindnessorhelpfulness to your neighbor. It's time to put neighbors back in the hood. NEIGHBOR + HOOD = NEIGHBORHOOD It's time to b…

BTR Show: 1/17/2015 - "Cure SPIRITUAL Multiple Sclerosis!"

I am on a mission to cure spiritual multiple sclerosis. Spiritual multiple sclerosis happens when a scar or a negative event in your past damages how you think, see, and walk into your future. Has anything happened to you that tried to cripple your spirit? All of us have experienced something that was meant to defy us but we can refuse to look at our scar negatively. Overcome the impact of the injury and live in spiritual remission. Remember that hurt people hurt people. Cure the spiritual multiple sclerosis in your life, don't spread the disease and stop the damage. Join us on Saturday, January 17, 2015 as we talk about curing "spiritual multiple sclerosis". Doctors say there is no cure for MS physically but spiritually you can live in remission today! Call 347-215-6908 and press 1 if you have something to add to the conversation. Blessings to you and yours!

BTR SHOW 1/10/2015 - "I Refuse To Complain!"

The topic of the BLOGTALKRADIO Show on January 10, 2015 is - "I Refuse to Complain!"  Join us and let's talk about how we can live a better life without complaints. Joyce Meyer spoke on this issue: The show on January 10, 2015 will be live in the chatroom and on the telephone line. Can't wait to talk to you.