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God KNEW that you would KNOW

Eve introduced us to the craftiness of Satan when she was tricked by the justification of sin.

After Eve told the serpent that she had orders to not eat from the tree he said:
"You will not surely die! For God knows that when you eat of the tree you will be just like gods - knowing good and evil."

Then Eve being enticed by the tree and what seemed to be good fruit disobeyed God and ate.

It's sad to say but the enemy uses the same tactics today. God has told you not to do this and that. When the temptation occurs Satan tries to convince us, "Nothing will really happen. (You will not surely die) God told you not to because He doesn't want you to KNOW about this."

The fact that GOD is not allowing us to "know" about some things is a blessing. Don't allow Satan to introduce or reacquaint you with something that God is trying to free you from. If God told you not to do it you can believe it has good reasoning. Trust God's protection.

Jesus is the Wor…

Lecrae (I am Second)


Have you ever watched something and it shook your soul? Well, this did that to me. You or maybe someone you  know might feel the same way.

So many scars, disappointments, failures... but God still loves me? He still loves us? He does. Listening to gospel rapper Lecrae's testimony reminded me of how faithful God is in the midst of it all.