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"Where I Wanna Be" - Donnell Jones (A Throwback Review)

"Where I Wanna Be" - Throwback Song Review This song had to come out around 1999 or the early part of 2000. Some of my friends used to ask me why I would like a song about a guy leaving his girl. Even though I loved the song because of the vocals and how the beat was constructed there was more... HE WAS ACTUALLY BEING HONEST. I know that there are many songs about men cheating on women and women cheating on men but this is different. This is a man acknowledging the fact that he is dealing with some things that may cause him to stray. Lyrical breakdown: (lyrics courtesy of Metro Lyrics) I said I left my baby girl a message, Saying I won't be coming home, I'd rather be alone,  She doesn't fully understand me, That I'd rather leave than to cheat
Okay, in this first part we (women) could be quick to get an attitude. "You ain't coming home because you'd rather be alone? What is this and why are you leaving it in a letter? You would rather be alone …

The Hardest Things

Every thing in my life, whether good or bad, serves a purpose. It was meant to teach me something that will undoubtedly help someone else later. Was I innocent in every situation? No. Should or could I have done things differently? Of course. However, I know that forgiveness only comes from God and is God-driven. So these tears were for me first... to learn how to talk about two things - Scars and Infidelity. That is my ministry, in so many ways. My testimony, "Scarred But Not Scared" will go into greater detail.

Even though I couldn't stand the pain for some time and I felt like I couldn't live past them - I found strength in faith. God has wrapped his omnipresent hands around me and HE has shown me the real meaning of love. I could play the victim but I am not... I am actually the victor in any and all situations. When you know who you belong to that is the only thing that is precedent in pain.

I don't have many people I call friends but thanks to those who h…

Another Beautiful Spirit NOT Damaged by MS

This incurable disease brings out the spirits of brave people like this... Her story brought me to tears! If you or someone you know is affected by MS... watch this.

I watched this video and I smiled, I nodded my head in agreement and I understood it. Every one who is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis experiences it in different ways. However, many of us have made it a priority to stay positive. It is not always easy but it profits us in so many ways.

Having this type of attitude towards multiple sclerosis allows us to smile in the midst of adversity. I strongly believe that MS has taught me a lot about perspective. I am thankful for videos like this because it shows that this disease CANNOT AND WILL NOT DESTROY OR DAMAGE THE SPIRIT!

Blessings! -Yada