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The Spirit of Fear

MS can be very intimidating and if you are not careful it can cause fear. I found myself there earlier this week. I had placed my confidence in man and ended up disappointed. I was told something and the outcome was not favorable. Could the awful grip of this disease be my fate? I returned to that same emotion I had when I was first diagnosed.Then I realized something. God has been faithful throughout this whole ordeal. I was not supposed to have the mobility I have today. Even though I walk with a wobble l am still walking. Even though I am easily worn out at work, l am still working! I have more than enough to be thankful for.Sure, I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow. Nomatter what physical or spiritual battle I face, GOD is going to be right there.Blessings to you and yours! muah!

The Storm Is Over...

Hey, thanks for sticking around until the storm passed.  I will say that my life has taken some turns that were drastically unexpected.  However, I made it. I wiped the tears and I placed a huge part of my life in an upcoming book.  It's my testimony and those who read my first book, "I Cheated: Revealing The Multiple Scars of My Infidelity" will find a braver woman with the same faith in this book.   What makes me braver? I'm taking a chance at telling you HOW I was scarred. The book is a short read but you will definitely be blessed from the beginning to the end.  You'll laugh,  you'll cry, but most of all you'll be inspired! "Scarred But Not Scared: My Testimony" - Coming REAL soon!

Disseminated Sclerosis

If you are familiar with my story you know that I believe there is a spiritual infirmity called multiple sclerosis.  It affects the spirit the same way multiple sclerosis affects the body. It scars us in a way that hinders our spiritual well being. Well,  they also call this disease "disseminated sclerosis". Disseminated means to spread abroad or to broadcast.  It is also referred to as spreaded, scattered or planted.  Hmm?!So here we go again, penning the natural with the spiritual.  You might have been scarred. The situation was supposed to cripple you and make you spiritually ill. However,  you made it through! Instead of focusing on the negative let's spread the good news. You were blessed with the gift of recovery.  You made it out of a bad situation.  Spread the news and promote the lesson not the lesion... You never know who needs to hear YOUR testimony.