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"Mother's Black Book (Church Gurlz' 1)" by H.H. Fowler

Get this book now on your KINDLE... for FREEEEE! (Not sure how long this offer will last) If anyone knows of this author you will grab this offer! This book... is awesome.

BOOK DESCRIPTION ON AMAZON: How does it feel to be treated like dirt beneath someone’s shoes? Or no matter how hard you push to get into someone’s good graces, you are continuously batted away as if you are an irritant pest? Ask Tara Lamont, hairstylist and fiancĂ©e to Wynton Lakatos – who struggles hard against the burgeoning attacks of Wynton’s mother, Doreen Lakatos. Doreen is no pushover. She might be the First Lady of Brandon View Baptist Church, but like most mothers she wants the best for her children. To Doreen, that means Tara is not good enough for Wynton, and that she will stop at nothing until she kicks Tara as far as she can -- out of Wynton’s life. Jasmine Benton – daughter of real estate tycoon, Karl Benton – knows what it’s like to be ‘listed’ in “Mother’s Black Book”. Her past connection with Wynton …

More Than I Can Bear By Kirk Franklin

Watch this video... I am sure it will bless you like it blessed me.

It is so good to have friends who know God. I had a friend leave me a voicemail earlier through my website. It said,

"You've been in my spirit. We don't talk as much as we should but I just wanted you to know you can handle whatever it is." The voicemail got quiet and i heard music.  They said, "Do you remember singing this song? It still applies sweetie. Love you."

Thanks for taking the time out to leave that message and yes I do remember singing that song. I do believe it still applies... even on bad days. We can rest assured that HE WILL NEVER PUT MORE ON US THAN WE CAN BARE. I love my real friends who are willing to share agape love... I'm blessed.


God blessed us with an international yet approachable ministry and we have grown by leaps and bounds - spiritually.

I received a message from NMS India tonight and they were excited about what GOD is doing in their ministry! We prayed for Pastor Gona and his eye surgery wen well an he is recovering well. They are exited and rejoicing in the fact that many are coming from different religions and tribes t the ministry. They are finding a new and true relationship with Jesus Christ. As remission or forgiveness is presented though faith lives are changed miles away.

I started NMS after a serious bout of depression related to multiple sclerosis and several life events. Who knew the spiritual impact this group would have on so many people worldwide? I thank God everyday, no matter how I feel, because through the good and the bad... it's been worth it all. Thanks for experiencing it with me.