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Everybody Has A Testimony...

This is an old video but I am glad that he, her brother, raised in the same GODFEARING household admitted this to Oprah. For a long time people looked at Bobby like he was the culprit.

This happens alot. Whitney has said she had a habit before Bobby but the media and others wanted to place the "blame" on her poplocking R&B husband... because he HAD to be the reason her life turned out the way it did. I believe he was an easier avenue to the drugs because they were both in the lime light and had money... but he OBVIOUSLY did not introduce THE GOOD GIRL to it. s/n: Everybody has a past and everybody has a testimony.

Going to the Rock

This song was ringing in my head today and I heard it in my father's voice. I do not understand alot of things in my life and in my world but there is comfort in knowing I can go to my rock. Everyone has their own particular "rock" but I know what mine has been and continues to be.

Even when I acted like the rock didn't exist he never left me or let me fall. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect and I have my issues but one thing I know for sure... HE (GOD) never changes and HE has been faithful. Let the late Whitney tell you about the rock. She has been associated negatively with another rock, but let her tell you about the never-changing ROCK... she was familiar with him as well (contrary to popular belief)

A Journey before and after Multiple Sclerosis

Watch this video...
Simply beautiful... We (MS survivors) are the same people but we have learned how to be stronger than our scars. Thanks to everyone dealing with MS who continues to inspire others. You are truly a blessing.


"What I Am is What I Am!" - A Rose Is Still A Rose - Aretha Franklin

This was supposed to be posted yesterday for "throwback Thursday" but I was so busy I forgot. (lol Don't JUDGE) Remember this song?
So many times we forget our value because of the circumstances of life... Your value is still the same, you are still a rose... Ok, let Aunt Aretha tell you... LOVE YOU and Blessings to you and yours!

"News For You" Lyric Video

Whenever I need that smile...

One of my FAVORITE songs... one of those that make you smile for no reason :)

The Effect of MS and Stress

I spent most of my weekend in the bed with a brain-throbbing headache. I took the proper medication to aid my healing but I realized that I failed to do one area of my recovery. STOP STRESSING.
Even though a lot has happened to me in the last few months I cannot wear the struggle in my countenance because MS and stress do not mix. 
Great stress relieving techniques are available on Help Guide's website.  This is great information for those dealing with stress - whether diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or not. Also, view the video below in regards to stress management and multiple sclerosis. This is wonderful information for those who are also coping with multiple sclerosis. 
Live blessed with limited stress.

32nd Q Year

I enjoyed my birthday celebration and it felt good to see another chapter begin in my life. As long as we keep living the screenplay continues. Like many others, I dealt with some of the biggest trials in my life last year. With a broken heart and contrite spirit, I experienced a lot of physical and emotional pain. Everything in me wanted to give up on what I loved... but strength came at the end of 2013.
While casually talking to God, I was reminded that everything happens for a reason. It's fine to not understand it. I just have to trust the outcome of my life. As long as I understand who directs the screenplay I will be alright. There are many scenes in my life that have caused character development. My life would not have been the same if I was not presented with those scenes.
I am not perfect.. I don't want to be and I will never claim perfection. I believe that is the most ungodly thing to do. All of my relationships are personal... especially my relationship with God. …

"The Doctors" talk about the mystery disease - MS

This show on the Doctors speaks on how multiple sclerosis starts and how it is different depending on the person. The dancer, who appeared on the show, was diagnosed when she was in her mid-twenties. I can relate to that. Even though fatigue is her main complaint - the doctors educate the audience about the many sides of MS. Great information and presentation. Share with someone you know who is seeking knowledge about this "medical mystery".