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Too much...Too soon...

A few months ago I told you all that I was starting school...and I did. I showed people on Facebook my grades and they were above average... I was proud. Then my body spoke loud and clear - YOU ARE DOING TOO MUCH QUIYADA!

The first time I heard the voice I ignored it - extra migraine headaches followed. I still ignored the cry. I ended up struggling with shingles. In pain I still turned a deaf ear to my body. Well, today my body screamed at me. My legs gave out and I fell. Now I have additional bruising and pain to speak on my body's behalf. 
I hear  the message loud and clear. I have to take care of me...NOW! I am postponing my academic career because  my body can't take it right now. I am content with my decision. Gotta get those credits later... It's time to rest and take care of me.