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The "Bad Credit" Lesson

"Mom, can we get some ice cream after lunch?" My oldest daughter asked.
"Nope. Maybe next time. Your credit isn't good for ice cream right now." I kept washing dishes but I noticed the confused look in her eyes. "Let me explain something to you. You told me you were going to behave the other day and you didn't. So what was that?"
My daughter held her head down, "A lie." She knew that she didn't behave so she didn't deserve the ice cream. "Can I have some tomorrow?" 
I responded, "You have to build your credit up. You have to be good for more than one day. Or be good tomorrow but do more chores for ice cream." She went upstairs but I think she understood the conversation. She has a higher interest rate with me because she needs to understand bad credit - the consequence of your lies.
Some grown people don't understand the credit principle. If we lie to a lot of companies about keeping a financial promise,…

I could but I won't...

Complain. Everyone experiences these types of days sometimes. Through this multiple sclerosis challenge I am determined to stay positive. This month I have experienced the most challenging headache. However I anticipate a better day tomorrow. Resting this weekend and listening to my body... and not complaining.