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The Animation of My Father 1935-2013

Thank you to everyone who supported me and my family during the most difficult scene of my life - the passing of my father. I appreciate all the texts, emails, status updates, cards and more. From India to Indiana... the love was immeasurable. ;)

I have always looked at life as an animation or a movie. My father had an awesome animation and many people were blessed by his character. I feel as though I was honored with at least thirty years of wisdom and wit from my father. To know him was to love him. This is what I need and want to say about this scene in my life.
I woke up 6:45am March 30th 2013 to many missed calls and one text that I will never forget. It was from my niece, Shaana, and it read, "Momma got something to tell you. She is trying to get in contact with you." I knew then that it was related to my father. When I called her back she told me that my father had gone home. I knew what she meant by home but I couldn't face it as reality. I woke my husband, &quo…

I promise...

I am going to start blogging next week. I need to write for a lot of reasons. Stay tuned. ;)