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Merry Christmas from NMS India...


Hiiiiiiii Dear my sister Quiyada!!! What an exciting year 2012 was. We saw so many miracles in so many areas. Body, mind, soul, spirit and finances. God released healing in all those areas all throughout the Body of Christ.

I feel very strongly that 2013 is going to be even more powerful and exciting for the Body of Christ. As we move from the year 2012 - the year of alignment, government, ruling and reigning, taking back what the enemy has is time to move on into the New Year and see what God has for us.
However, I wonder how many people Jesus has found missing on His birthday? multiplied millions, we know. His invitation continues to all who will set aside their dark lives to receive His life of light and hope with the promise of eternity with Him and our Father in Heaven., i hope you are all doing well as we are here,Thank you very much for your prayers, i will continue to pray for you!!,things are good with me,everything is fine,i can d…


This has been an eventful and emotional week. I have experienced so much physical and spiritual pain! I arrived to the point of frustration this week- with my money, my health, my relationships, my struggles, my friends, my family... ETC! I cried long and hard and I prayed. Even when you mess up it's okay to talk to God... HE STILL LISTENS.

I digress, I prayed. I really did and I murmured... "YOU said YOU won't put more on me than I can bear. I don't know how strong YOU think I am but I can't take it anymore!" At the end of the prayer I asked God to encourage my spirit because I really need it.

An anonymous co-worker/angel came and talked to me today. I reiterated how I felt. I restated, "I don't know how strong God thinks I am." She paused and then said, "Maybe that's the problem Q. You are thinking YOU need to handle it. It's not about how strong YOU are... it's about how strong GOD is. You aren't God. Give it all to HIM…

A great holiday expression...

Interesting... Read this and then read it backwards!


"I AM TIRED!!" -MS Fatigue

"Tired for no reason at all!" My personal experience with MS FATIGUEI know that many others experience this but today is one of those days... I am tired. I haven't done anything today but I am tired beyond words. They say that fatigue is a symptom of fatigue and I know it's the truth -  firsthand.

Lassitude—that is unique to people with MS. Researchers are beginning to outline the characteristics of this so-called "MS fatigue" that make it different from fatigue experienced by persons without MS. Generally occurs on a daily basisMay occur early in the morning, even after a restful night’s sleepTends to worsen as the day progressesTends to be aggravated by heat and humidityComes on easily and suddenlyIs generally more severe than normal fatigueIs more likely to interfere with daily responsibilitiesMS-related fatigue does not appear to be directly correlated with either depression or the degree of physical impairment. I am glad that was explained. I…