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Riding through the storm...

DEDICATED to all of us who have to ride through hurricane "Sandy" this weekend and next week...

The east coast has been given advisories but God has given us all advisories in spiritual storms. One is found in Proverbs 3:6... "in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." It doesn't matter if the storm is natural it will affect your spirit also. Our spirit can get weaken in our natural predicaments. What if something happens to someone I love because of this storm? Why is this happening now? 

Those are spiritual questions based on a natural event. In everything we have to acknowledge God. Acknowledge simply means to admit to be real or true. So in everything we do we have to admit that God is real and true. If HE is who HE says HE is we have nothing to worry about.

Even if things are not the way we think they should be... acknowledge God and let HIM direct your paths. Let God manage and guide you. We have done the natural precautions via…


Many people made the "Ratchet" video viral but have you seen the video about "Church Folks"? Before you proceed to the video... don't get all touchy and offended. They are talking about church folks who talk about others as if they have never done anything wrong... I know that type. Anyway... a little comic relief... (sigh) don't take it that serious. It's just comedy. But if you are offended I apologize in advance...

Sweet and Petite? This post is for you...


My favorite part of this song is:
"I'm less than five foot one, a hundred pounds of fun, I like sophisticated fun..." Some of you know the rest (lol). RIP Teena Marie!

Michelle Obama on her father's MS

View a snippet of First Lady Michelle Obama's interview on David Letterman. She speaks on her father who lived with multiple sclerosis but raised her with unconditional love:

Multiple Sclerosis - An African American Perspective

There are many African Americans who are dealing with multiple sclerosis, even though we are thought of as a minority in this fight. I am one of them. I was watching this video about multiple sclerosis - the African American perspective and wanted to share it.

No matter our race...we are all fighting together and we will overcome these damaging scars. In the meantime, we will help each other become stronger with conversations like this:



VIDEO FOR THE LADIEZ: Confessions of a Single Christian Woman

I am happily married but this video will DEFINITELY bless all my sistas out there who are single. I liked this video and wanted to share it because this woman speaks the truth from her heart. She talks about her animation as a single Christian woman and how she has devoted herself to God in the process.

She has a strong accent but she also has a strong message. Trust me, this is a video worth viewing...



I have this handout publicly at my work-desk. I believe in every part of the MS Sufferers Bill of Rights because I know that we are entitled to it. Listen to the author of the book, "No More MS" speak on her personal journey with MS and the rights that all of us are given!

Visit her website at ... she has overcome her symptoms and her life should be an inspiration to all of us.



Also consider reading this book... I have read it and it has some great advice about  diet etc.

"Tell Somebody" by Charlie Spraggs


I love good music and I really love music that is saying something. This song by Charlie Spraggs has a great message.

The song is simply called "Tell Somebody". It talks about how we brag about alot of things but how often do we brag about the relationship we have with God? WE should make it our business to "tell somebody" our testimony and let them know about the change God has brought in our life. Check out the song...

TELL SOMEBODY f/ PHIEN by Charlie Spraggs
Do you feel it? Share this on a social network you are on or simply in an email. Encourage others to "tell somebody"... it's time to say something that  matters. -Blessings.

FAITH AND MS... Progressive Peace...

I thank God that he has given me progressive peace. I mean He has given me peace (freedom from any strife) that is progressive (going forward). No matter what I am going through I am blessed with a peace that surpasses understanding. I know many people who know God will agree with this: My faith has intensified since diagnosed with MS. My physical body has done a complete change. Things I could do before I can no longer do. I do not count it as a misfortune. Pity is not welcomed. Even when I feel my worst I am blessed beyond my imagination.

I have learned so much from this experience and I can honestly say I am living Phillipians 1:21... "...for me to live is Christ and to die is gain." Meaning, Christ is the essence of my life. The gift HE gave me is incomparable and that is what I am living for. I am living to be an example of that type of love.

Honestly, in my body, it's not pleasant all the time but I know that God has kept me animated for a reason. I am living by his …

Yolanda Adams tribute to Whitney Houston - 2012 NAACP Image Awards (HD)

Whitney Houston's life was a beautiful journey. It wasn't perfect and none of us have a perfect life... it's just not televised. Watch the entire video including the tribute by Yolanda Adams. It will give you chills.
Forget the things you have heard... we are not God and we don't know about Whitney's last moments... we never will but we are blessed with her rendition of "I'll Hasten to His Throne" and Yolanda did it justice in this video...

ERIC BENET - I wanna be loved! (I love this song)

Everybody wants to be loved... at some point in time in your life you want to experience love. I love this song because it's such a beautiful expression.
Vibe with me for a minute... and happy Friday :D

Dan Powell, Art Professor at University of Oregon - His MS Story

It is always touching to hear about how others are coping with their diagnosis. I wouldn't say coping but rather existing. So many people think that we are supposed to stop living because of MS but stories like this are always inspiring. I am thankful for every life that I have been able to encounter through MS. We are a blessed group of people when we realize we are not our diagnosis.

My Life is like a movie...

Remember that rap song? Ironically, all of us live a movie. God created the screenplay and we are just living the script. That's why I have Psalms 139:16 plastered as my headline on - My favorite scripture is: "Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days of my life were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them." It is true, our life is a movie. The only person that knows the ending is God. I'm living the script and I want to pursue my character as the Director intended. We all should.


It's getting colder? True. Warm weather will come again. Going through something in your life now? Be strong. Peace will come again. We may not know the forecast of life but we know GOD and he knows the future. Trust HIS sovereignty and we will be okay... in all types of weather.
Blessings! -Yada


NMS INDIA SEPTEMBER 2012 - free slideshow

From our NMS India family:

Hi......Dear My Beloved sister Quiyada, Praise The Lord, God is sooooo Good, yesterday we completed our church roof construction successfully by the Grace of God and Through Your prayers, Before we starting our church roof construction work we had a wonderful prayer with some of our volunteers who were here each day this week. Wow!!! 
We didn”t seen rain until our church construction complete 7:00AM TO 12:00PM,clear skies and pretty good weather, our God protected construction with his Protective hand”s, I just want to tell my special thanks for you about this Project, Thank you very much for your prayer support of our church construction project, yesterday after we finished this work we (Provided)distributed some Food Packet’s for poor people those who are hunger not able to buy food, I attached all the beautiful photos in winzip file,just look them all how we are constructing Buildings , we need to do some more work f…

TRUE LOVE SONGS mean something...

Many people had these songs in their wedding. They are very appropriate for weddings because they define real love. Listen to this first one, "Addictive Love".

They said it's time they should admit that their addicted. He (God) has taken their heart and showed them the right way. They have no doubt about it and they are lost without it. His love takes them higher and they didn't know why at first... but they found it was addictive love. When you get in a relationship it is addictive. You have to be around the other person all the time. You love their presence. When you are in a "relationship" with God you find it becomes an addictive love. That's the type of love BeBe and CeCe described.

Another popular song was "Lost Without You". If you have been in a relationship you can relate to this song. Listen to it then I'll say my piece...

This is usually how you react when you are in a good relationship.  They are the center of your life and you…

Just be thankful...

Being content does not mean being complacent... it's just being thankful where you are. That doesn't mean that you don't want more. It's always good to seek advancement but know how to say "Thank You" for what you already have. Remember the saying, "There is always someone in a worst situation"... it's true. 
This song is one of my favorites and it says alot... (You gotta love old school)