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My Food Epiphany

I will confess. The hardest thing for me to do was to eat healthy. There, I said it. 
However, recently I have learned a lot and applied it to my eating habit.  So I am sticking with eating healthier by exploring more raw food and hunter-gatherer recipes... II am so excited about my whole food diet. I think anyone, MS diagnosed or not, will benefit from a whole food diet. Check out this video about whole foods. It's very educational and it speaks volumes about why our diet and health go hand in hand. Check it out and I pray you experience spiritual and natural health.  Blessings. 

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I have been contemplating life recently... more often than before. Death has triggered this emotional quest. Hopefully I can share my thoughts with you about this sensitive topic. Let's start by defining life. defines life as the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual. Care to go deeper? What does it mean to animate? Animate means to give motion to. Consider the term animation. An animation is not a regular image because it moves. Your image in motion is your life. What is our image in motion? When people see us "animated" what is being seen? Our animated existence is our life. That image ends motion with death. Death is the state of being dead. You are dead when you are not endowed with life, or inanimate. Your image is no longer moving.

This has really resonated with me. I appreciate all the lives that have gone before me. Their animated existence taught me a lot. I want to do the same with my lifexi. How do you make your life…

I'd Rather Be at Home...


I know, I know. I supposed to be publishing a book. Well, I had some health complications... (shhh) and my hands have been giving me a fit! Well, I'm taking it easy. I comment here and there at my online home but as for something extensive, like a book.... I really can't make any release dates. Let it be understood I do have a nine to five. I am a mother and a wife... those two are automatic full time jobs... no vacations and none requested. ;)

Thanks for your patience. If and when a book is released you will be the first to know. I promise. It will be available here at my place. Luvya.

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NMS India Request!


Dear My Beloved Sister Quiyada.....Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, we Thank You sooooooo much for your all the Prayers and encoragement"s about our Indian Mission, here we are all doing well and Ministry going on very well by the grace of God through your prayers,we hope everything is well with you,

  we alway"s Thankful to God about you because couple years to we are receiving soooo much great encouragement and support from you by internet, sister Your wonderful and awesome, we must need to learn soooo much from you, your my best sister in this world,we are soooo Proud of you sister, therefor among the God Churches and with people"s we are tell how much great Love you have on our Indian Ministry and how much great work"s your doing in America,

 sister here our second church we completely constructed at one of hindu"s slum area, it"s very small church and your already seen those all the photos,we buil…