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WHO is Jesus to YOU?

Pastor Glenn Reynolds at Bethel Church today... had a wonderful message. Well, the new series is called Scandal. If you have a free Sunday... you should come by and visit. Anyway, the message today was about Jesus... who he was and how he was looked at by other people... scandalous.

The son of a virgin mother and a carpenter but still a definitive part of the trinity... looked at as a scandal. Who is Jesus to you... no wrong answer... what do you feel about Him?

Jack Osbornes dx with MS

I'm sure many of us have heard that Jack Osborne, from the famous Osborne family has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He admits that he was angry at first but he has a motto toward multiple sclerosis... This one minute video tells you about it. Take a minute to view it and comment if you like ;)

"Ummm, I ain't got no CHURCH CLOTHES!"

This is for the Saints and even those who ain't cz you think you can't. (That rhymed?! lol) This post is for you. I encourage you to share it... with friends, family, whoever. This is real.

What is the most popular response you get from someone invited to church? "Ummm, I would go but I ain't got nothing to wear. I ain't got no church clothes!" Right? Right. Look at this video from Lecrae, a Christian rapper. I am trying to start a conversation. Your response... whatever it is... is anticipated. I will respond via Facebook tomorrow. Lyrics posted at the bottom of this video but watch it first... 


The lyrics (You know some of you read this first... it's all good :)) I'm going to make you go get them yourself... visit this link
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Said Enough? Say No More...

Good afternoon. I know it's been a while since I posted and I apologize... life's been busy. Maybe you will feel this post. Of course, if you have any comments leave them on the site... (clearing my throat)...
I'm done with it. It - everything that tries to defeat my character and interfere with my happiness. I have tried to defend both (my happiness and my character) and it has led me nowhere. 
"IT" has tried to defeat my character. What is character? Well, character is defined in as moral and ethical quality. Moral - distinction between right and wrong and ethical- abiding by the standards for right and wrong. In other words character is the quality of knowing what is right and doing it. 
Secondly, I have been defending my happiness. Happiness is defined as good fortune, pleasure, contentment and joy. Character and happiness go hand in hand. If you are happy in your character you are content and joyful... That usually disturbs people who think you s…