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"More than 70 countries across the globe will raise awareness for a disease that impacts more than 2.1 million people..." -The Katy News

I, and many of my friends, have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. We live with the various effects of the disease. It is great to know that others are bringing a voice to MS today. I would like to thank every person who contributes in any way today to the cause of remission. From the MS community... thank you! Together, we will cure these scars! Donate to the nonprofit of your liking but remember that No More Sclerosis is also a donor advised fund and raises money to contribute to spiritual and physical remission. In any way, we appreciate your awareness!

-Blessings, Yada

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I'm Under Spiritual Anesthetic

I remember- letting people get to me. I remember- crying over MS. In the spirit of remembering... HAPPY upcoming MEMORIAL DAY ;) I am sure many of you can relate.
Even though I can plainly remember every negative emotion and experience in my life... I can boldly confess that I am under "spiritual anesthetic". If you have been in surgery before you know what anesthetics are. The American Heritage Science Dictionary defines it as a drug that temporarily depresses neuronal function, producing total sensation with or without the loss of consciousness.
If you have followed me on No More Sclerosis you know that I coincide physical with spiritual. I know that I am under spiritual operation but even though the procedure is painful GOD has allowed a powerful anesthetic. What used to bother me does not bother me anymore. People are sometimes surprised, "Girl, that couldn't have been me! You acting like you are okay?!? You gotta be mad!" Honestly, I would have been a few ye…

NMS India Children's Retreat May 2012

Dear My Beloved Family member Quiyada and NMS family....
Here are some of the pictures taken at Children's retreat at our second church May 18th Morning 10:00AM TO 1:00PM, what a wonderful kid”s meeting conducted here at our church,pretty good children”s and crowed, many children”s attended and they learned sooo many good lessons from us.
We teached them spiritually how to strong in faith,stand in faith,and how to walk in this world at present day”s, and we teach them with puppet”s show because it”s a very easy way to
teach them
Wow…. All the children”s accepted which was we shared with them,and they enjoyed, What a
wonderful day !Presence of God swept the place…...,it”s sooo good to spend this time with little
children”s,after this meeting we arranged food for kid”s they eat sufficiently and they feel sooo happy about this meeting.
Our indian mission is with a desire to fulfill the Great Commission; to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, winning souls to Christ and bringing …

YES! I'm getting baptized!

Many people have asked me, "Why are you getting baptized again? Didn't you get baptized when you were a teenager?" My answer to them: I know what it means now and it's about time to renew my vows to God publicly.
I was raised in church and I knew the way my entire life. However, when I got baptized the first time I did it out of ritual and not relationship. My family and friends had been baptized so I thought I should do it also. My actions did not mirror a relationship it was just a ceremonial event that would make me "appear" right to others.
Now that I am older I realize that the opinions of others is obsolete when it comes down to my faith. My relationship with GOD is not perfect but solid and this baptism is not based on someone else's relationship with God. This is personal. I thank God for his resurrecting power in my life and this baptism is the perfect way to define it.
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NMS India Vegendala Village Meeting Update

Hi….. my Dear friend QuiyadaWhat an awesome meeting we had at Vegendala village!! Presence of God saturate the place, .It was the holy fire of God,people meeting with God. Believers and leaders with loud cry encountering God.Halleluiah.Was under such strong anointing. Meeting started 7:00PM it was closed 11:00PM, that meeting place is we arranged at public place where all the street line”s start,it”s a center point of that village, there was some political people statutes they kept because it’s a center place for that village,one thousend people gathered and accepted jesus christ as their personal savior few people sat on that ground and few sat at behind of meeting ground,and beside street light”s,and overe there at street line”s corners, and the good news is many hindu people”s heared our Gospel message by PA system(mic system) , Ten thousend people heared sermone by Pa system, Had a fantastic evening.Wonderful crowd.Miracles flowed.Deaf,mute,blind healed. It was a joy to see peo…


*Hi……. Dear My Family member Quiyada Wilkerson .. Greetings to you in the
name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, *

*couple day"S back i sent our meetings poster"s in your e mail and i asked
your prayer support, and now Iam very very exciting to share with you about
our recent openair crusade report….May 8th night  Place meeting ground
overflowing. Started at 7:00PM and went nonstop till 11:00PM. People glued
as presence of god manifested. miracle explosion. It was so moving to see
the compassion of Christ healing blind, deaf, mute etc. people weeping
touched by the love OF Jesus. his compassion NEVER fails.*

*                  What an awesome meeting we had, Presence of God saturate
the place.. A lady who had become blind for many years due to brain tumor,
was completely healed & saw man  healed of heart trouble, fell
under power of God & confessed Jesus as Lord.Many more healed. what a
loving Jesus who loves without religious difference.*

*    After I preache…

Another Story from a Fellow MSer

Just watched this video on Youtube and I think you should see it also... We all can be a part of the solution. Donate on through this donor advised fund or another... just help to raise money and awareness for a cure for physical multiple sclerosis.

See how this 21 year old reacts positively toward her physical diagnosis of MS. I believe that strong people have given a voice to this unpredictable disease. I am honored to be among such great soldiers!

View the video:

"I'm Living Beyond The Opinions Of Others"

I'm letting you in on something personal. This might help you too. My husband and I got married when we were in our early twenties and we listened to alot of people on the outside. Both of us did. People didn't know us as a couple. They only knew us in part, not the one unit that God created. So there were people who ran their mouth. "Boy, I wouldn't do this for Quiyada" and "Girl, you ain't gotta do all that". At the end of the day it was me and Dre... not everybody else.We were talking last night and he encouraged me alot. He said, "If God is pleased with what we're doing the opinions of others don't mean anything!" He said it and then went on doing what he was doing. But that is the truth. Some people think you should be doing this and not doing that. Then in another conversation you got someone telling you, "Don't do that but do this..." In the end, hear God and let opinions fall where they may.Here's why and l…