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He Can Use You Here Too!

I spoke to an associate the other day and in the conversation they asked: "Why are you even on the internet with your books and all? You know that ain't nothing but the devil's playground!"
I listened to them but I tried to remind them that God can use anything or anyone at anytime to make a point. That is what I want to do with my website and books. Some people may never come to a church. I may never meet some of you offline but what is posted can minister to you right where you are. Yeah, the internet has bad things on it and so does your neighborhood. What are you supposed to do? Stay in your house because you don't want to be around other people? God forbid it!
The truth of the matter is simple. We make decisions to partake in whatever. You are reading this post because you chose to. I think it is past time for us to come out of our secret corners and say things publicly. What better place than here? Let's broadcast to the world how great our God is. In al…

Frustrated with Sinners!

Hope you are doing well and in good spirits. Let me talk to you for a minute. When I really gave my life to Christ I was excited. This was comforting. Jesus loved me so much that He died for my sins. What a honor! This was really good news! I wanted to tell everybody about this and I wanted them to feel this way too. Jesus was available and He actually cared for us! I wanted to know about God but some people didn't. Did everybody listen or applaud my testimony? Unfortunately no :(
My excitement for my faith became an instant turn off to some. I could hear them in my spirit because I used to hang with them and respond to some people the same way. "They on that Jesus tip now. We want to go to the club but they gotta be home to make it to church tomorrow morning." I'd laugh with them but I myself was convicted and knew that I would be in church too the next day. Saturday, in the club by 11PM and at Sunday Morning worship the next day before 11AM. I'll confess more i…

Homicide and Suicide due to MS?

“Do you want to go out like this?” said the husband to his wife who suffered with MS. He snapped while watching his wife get changed by the nurse. After instructing the nurse to leave their home he killed her and then committed suicide.

I read this story in tears earlier. I know the physical struggle with MS but I can not imagine what was going through this 74 year old's mind before he killed himself and his wife. He must have been frustrated with his wife's health but there was no reason to end their lives because of it.

A MS patient cannot deeply describe the pain associated with their condition - not even to another person diagnosed with MS. The symptoms and severity differ in each case. I am encouraging everyone who reads this to be supportive of each other in situations like this. There can be positive in the midst of negative situations.
I am thankful to my husband who understands the ups and downs of my physical body with MS. I am grateful that God placed someone as unders…

Our Attorney Lives!

Happy Easter to you and yours. This post is dedicated to the fact that we now have an attorney in heaven... our Lord Jesus lives.

What is an attorney? An attorney is apersonwhoseprofessionistorepresent clientsina court of law ortoadviseoract forclientsinotherlegalmatters. Christ is the one who acted for us in the spiritual matters that we could not address. Because of his blood we are granted remission, an innocent verdict and pardon from the penalty of sin when we believe in HIS sacrifice. 

Thank you Jesus for being my advocate! What is an advocate? An advocate is one who speaksorwritesin the favorof; they supportorurge byargument. Theyrecommendpublicly. Christ is in heaven advocating us to God. "They are forgiven because of my sacrifice." 

Why would we need a lawyer in heaven? Why would we need someone to defend us? Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Revelations 12:10 defines Satan as - he who keeps bringing charges before God... day and night.

Imagine that! Day and night S…