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I don't mean that literally but have you heard that before? Well you don't have to listen to anyone diagnose failure...  I think this will bless you. Read on. Happy New Year everyone. I may not be actively online in the next few days but I wanted to share something with you. When I was diagnosed with MS the doctor confirmed that I had MS or multiple sclerosis. These were scars on my myelin sheath that were causing damage in my central nervous system... that was the diagnosis. I cried like a baby for at least a month. Then it hit me.. multiple sclerosis is not a death threat it's just another journey in this thing called life. Medically, a diagnosis is theprocessofdeterminingbyexaminationthecircumstancesofadiseasedcondition. The spinal tap, the MRI and the other tests confirmed a medical degree for MS. Everyone who knows me knows that I view MS spiritually and physically. Spiritually, a diagnosis is adeterminingoranalysisofthecauseornatureofaproblemorsituation. Let's talk…

MS Won't Scar My Spirit in 2012

MS has taken alot from me but I always said that it should not, could not and would not harm my spirit. Even though my initial diagnosis terrified me I have grown since 2006. In a few days I will be thirty years old. I have learned alot about my physical body and my spirit. Life tried to put limitations on me but God did not allow it to break me. I am determined to step out of my comfort zone. In all areas, I want to show people that I am not my scar. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? Yes! It will be worth it because I am not the one doing it - it's literally the God in me doing it. If I had my way I would be lowkey all my life but when God has something for you to do - He gives no alternative. I'm ready! Image from…

Proud to be a Christian but...

...I do not have Christian pride. The kind of pride I am speaking of is Christian arrogance. I'm sure you have met people like that. They have done everything right and they don't need to learn anything. The Bible says in Proverbs 11:22 "When swelling and pride come, then emptiness and shame come also, but with the humble (those who are lowly, who have been pruned or chiseled by trial, and renounce self) are skillful and godly Wisdom and soundness."

When people possess that type of pride it brings emptiness and shame. I experienced this type of pride a couple years ago. I pointed out something I discovered in scripture. I didn't add any personal commentary to the scripture and I presented it in context. The individual told me they didn't agree with it. This person was well respected in the "church world" and I thought they would help me further my knowledge of the Word.

Instead of telling me they did not understand the text they said they didn't b…


I am up before 6am on Christmas Eve because I just had a heart to heart with God. Even though my first book was an inspiration to many I pulled it from publication. I did it because someone stole the content of the book and tried to publish it under their name. Thank God I have been able to prove that the work was mine but I never republished the book. I decided to make a new line of novels, called the Proorizo Chronicles. However, I am convinced that spiritual fidelity is my ministry. I will be releasing a new edition of the book in 2012.
Poetry, playwrights, short-stories... I love it all because I like to write :) Something just feels different with the message of this book. I don't have to work on character development because I am speaking from my heart. It's not about how many books I can sell but it's about how many lives I can touch. That's the message behind social entrepreneurship anyway. While others look for profit I look for spiritual progress. My heart go…

Her Secret - The Diagnosis


I viewed the above video and it encouraged me so much that I shared it on Facebook. Even though this young lady was diagnosed with MS it did not change her character or her spirit towards God. I am happy that I got the opportunity to view this and I pray that others will do the same. Whether you have MS or not, this will bless you.

Biggups to Luda for Karma's World!

Luda has a school aged daughter and what he recently did is remarkable. He created a website that is for school-aged elementary kids that helps with common knowledge in that grade level. I am impressed! Of course Luda is a talented entertainer but what he did for his child and other children her age deserves an applaud.

I believe that many kids will love this website. My daughters have not visited the site yet but I am sure that they will have me bookmark it. If you and yours would like to visit the well designed site click the following link: Karma's World: Home:

Image from…

Deion Sanders Files for Divorce |


My prior post but I may be ZZZZZZ on Deion...
Divorce must be the keyword for December! Deion Sanders and his wife Pilar have announced their divorce. Deion, the NFL hall of famer, said that the both of them decided to end their marriage but they will continue their lives with mutual respect. That is applauded. He says that their top priority "has and will continue to be the well-being" of their children.

Infidelity? Not sure but that is none of our business. The fact that they will continue to be civil towards each other is the meaning behind this blog post. There are many people who decide on a divorce and even though the parents are splitting the children suffer the most. I understand that all marriages are not destined to work for many reasons. However, if you decided to bring life in the world it is imperative that your children are supported spiritually during and after the divo…

In Loving Memory of Minister Letitia W. Taylor

My family came to my job on Thursday and before they opened their mouths I knew what they came to tell me. I asked, "Tisha is gone home?" They held me close and I knew that it was true. My first cousin was at rest.

When our spiritual work is over here we are called home. The same is true naturally. We work our shift and when it's time to leave and go home we return to family. I believe that is what my cousin did. She returned to family. Tisha is home from work. We don't work hourly shifts but yearly shifts in the spirit. When our time is up we will do the same. We return home.
Even though believers are co-workers in the vineyard we don't know the work schedule. We may not know the work schedule but we know the job description. It's all about love! We are to love God wholeheartedly and love others as we love ourselves. The Bible says that God gave us the gift of eternal life. This Christmas Tisha received the fulfilment of that gift. Even though she is missed b…

Santa Claus or Uncle Sam?

Uncle SAM!! I'm a hardworking wife, mother of two, small business owner and philanthropist... I don't wait for Santa instead I wait for Uncle Sam!! I know, I know. When I say that people cringe. Christmas is so commercial and the spiritual reasoning behind it is always covered with wrapping paper. Truthfully, if you can't afford a gift for someone that should not affect your friendship with them. If you have the funds to give gifts to people... more power to you! The spirit of Christmas lives in giving. God gave to us and if we are fortunate enough we give to others. Being that I am in a financial funk right now that is not my story. Uncle Sam is guaranteed to come around spring or late winter. I know this. I work hard everyday and the financial relief that is coming is expected! Am I wrong for having this feeling? I sure hope not. I just know that this is a guarantee unless our government does something unexpected. (This could happen but anyway...) I'm not excited about C…

An MS Patient Loses Trust When She Finds Out Her Doctor Is Paid By Drug Companies

An MS Patient Loses Trust When She Finds Out Her Doctor Is Paid By Drug Companies:
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These types of things happen but it is important to know that we have a voice. If you have time, read the above article. Be advised that there are good doctors out there but if you feel that you are in a situation like this... you have options ;)

NMS India November 2011 Ministry report

Many of you have sent your prayers to God in regards to my health. Thank you so much for interceding with me. Even though my physical body is in pain I am rejoicing. I received NMS India's November 2011 Ministry report and it was a blessing to me. Since we are all family I am sharing the good news with you. Read on...
November  Month Ministry Report
   Dear My Beloved Friend Quiyada  , and All of My Family members,  Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, iam very sorry I miss you soooooooooooo much, here we are all doing well and things are good with me,we thank you very much for your all the prayers and encouragements, we thank Almighty God , he is doing wonderful things with me and with our Indian Mission, couple months too we are very busy with Lord"s Work and we are reaching many unreached villages  new place's and serving God with passion and with my all powers ,strengths and whole heart,       We have a great month November Month, because of …

Consider a donation to NMS for Christmas...

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holiday and the spirit of the season. My mom always told me, "You never know until you ask. You can either get a Yes or a No." With that in mind, I am asking you to make a donation to No More Sclerosis. Every dollar that is given to NMS is sent directly to nonprofits that research a cure for multiple sclerosis or edify those who are coping with emotional scars.

Your donation is completely tax deductible and the minimum donation is only a dollar. Anyone can spare a dollar for such a worthy cause. If you know anyone that is affected by this disease you should make a donation in their honor. Even though science says there is no known cure for MS... all things are possible. To make your donation simply visit and thanks for your support.

Bishop Eddie Long's Divorce

Okay, so Bishop Eddie Long is in the news again. His wife is supposedly filing divorce and the WORLD is talking about it. As a blogger, I will take a stab at this situation but it may not be what you have read before. Guess what! God got this too.

I may be different than alot of other people but I don't put anyone on a pedestal. Honestly, everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes and people disappoint opinions. That's just the truth. Maybe the things happened with him and the young men... don't know. I won't there and I can't say. I believe he said that his wife is just tired of dealing with the struggles as a pastor's wife... understood. He said that they do not hate each other... Christianlike. If they are working it out why is there so much negativity?

I think we put too much trust in people and less trust in God. As I have said before... nothing absolutely nothing is a surprise to God. Because we lean to our own understanding we depend on our ways more tha…

Multiple Sclerosis Recurs, but Doesn’t Dim a Desire to Inspire -

Read the full story by clicking the article here Multiple Sclerosis Recurs, but Doesn’t Dim a Desire to Inspire -
This lady's story was very close to my heart because I'm glad she gave a voice to people like me. I love my job but I noticed the changes after MS. Office jobs can be hard for those with MS. I am thankful that God has blessed me to continue in my career. I may not be lifting heavy objects or standing on my feet all day but work is definitely challenging with MS. I read this and could relate to her story. I am glad NY Times gave this story to us. Trust me you will be inspired!


My daughters stay writing all the time. They write books about any and everything all the time. Truthfully, their stapled loose leaf papers are worth looking at. After reading their last one I had a thought. What if they write a book next year? Nothing big, just a children's book. My youngest daughter, Jeniah, likes to draw. She asked me last month if I knew what illustrator meant. She said her art teacher said they were people who draw pictures for books. She told me that she wants to do something like that when she gets older. My oldest daughter, Seniah, has a thing for words and writes regularly... Sooo, after I release my first novel in my Proozio line I am going to help them with their children's book. "We can do that book tonight Ma!" said Seniah. You have to love the simplicity of a child's mind. I appreciate her eagerness but I told her this will take time. You can't put an ISBN on the back of stapled papers. :) We're pushing for next year though.…