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My blog was hacked quite a few times in the past month but I think I have it under control now. I apologize for any inconvenience! You can never be too safe in this online world. :(


YADA - Hebrew - Strong's Lexicon Number 3045
If you talk to someone and they are speaking another language you may not know exactly what they mean. No theological talk... I just want to say something. Can you read something from my heart for a second?
There is Hebrew in the Old Testament and יָדַע is YADA in Hebrew.  YADA occurs 947 times in 873 verses in the Hebrew concordance of the Kings James Version. There are too many examples to list here. However, one verse encouraged me alot in my time of need this week.
Psalms 41:11 - By this I know (YADA) that thou favourest me, because mine enemy doth not triumph over me.
I know that God favors me. I know that he delights in, takes pleasure in, and is pleased with me. I am sure of this because my enemy, nomatter what or who, does not triumph over me.
Like I said, it's all about YADA. It's all about the fact that God knows me and I endeavor to know HIM. With that confidence I can do all things through Christ that strengthens  me. If …

Your Tears DO Matter to God...

TEARS DO MATTER TO GOD... I am working on my new novel entitled, After the Tears Dry and it is an emotional novel. While writing it I find myself in tears sometimes... that's how I know God is using me to say something to somebody. It is a novel with a detailed plot but it is encouraging to know that tears do matter to God. You may be having a rough time in your life and things may not be turning out the way you wish. I do understand your emotion because I have been there... and I'm there now. We all come to a situations that may make us emotional. When you feel like others don't understand there is someone that does... GOD. He understands because he created you before the beginning of time and he knows the end result of everything you face. We may not be able to articulate our emotions to others and they may not totally understand. That's okay. Maybe it's not meant for them to understand. God understands it all. If we trust and delight in him in the midst of the tri…

A Mature Mentality About Style

What is a mature mentality about style? What is style? Style is a mode of living, as with respect to expense or display. Your mentality is your outlook, your view, or your set of mind. 
So a mature mentality about your style is a view about your display and expenses that is fully developed in your mind. I remember when I was younger I thought I had to have a certain pair of shoes to be in style. I had to have a certain outfit that would be stylish. My style was not matured because I felt that I had to have those things because that's what I saw others wear. When I got older and had my own expenses I realized that I couldn't afford and didn't need everything I wanted. I also found out about lay-aways :) There are some older people who haven't grasped that concept yet and they end up in debt because they try to keep up with Jones'es. That is not a mature mentality about style.
I was out with a friend this week and she said, "Ooh Yada! That Coogie jacket is cute!&q…