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Because our God is so good I wanted to forward this to you. Thanks for interceding on their behalf :)
Dear sister Quiyada Wilkerson 
   we thank you so much for your all the prayers, here we are all well by the grace of God and through your prayers,

              here Investigating agencies have identified the two-wheeler in which one of the bombs of Wednesday's Mumbai serial blasts had been planted, Home Secretary R.K. Singh said Friday. Eleven CDs of CCTV footage were also being scanned for clues into the serial bombings, he added.The country's top security official said cyber experts were tracing the origins of an e-mail that may give the investigators a clue about the bombings Wednesday evening that killed 17 people and left 131 injured. 'We have identified the scooter in which one of the bombs was planted,' Singh said on the sidelines of a function here. 'Now, we have all the people and the faces appeared. They have to be recognized to see whether they are locals o…

Keep NMS India in your prayers...

We are praying for our brothers and sisters in NMS India. They have undergone various terrorist attacks in their country and we know that God is international. He provides and protects worldwide. The following is a message I received from NMS India president, Pastor Gona and his family...
Dear My Family member sister Quiyada 
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, this is very very Emergence prayer request, please pray for my Country,
 A Serial blasts struck Mumbai Wednesday evening, less than three years after the 26/11 terrorist attacks of 2008. The three blasts, in sequence, were timed at 6.30 pm, 6.45 pm, and 7 pm IST, and targeted in that order Zaveri Bazaar, Opera House and the Kabutarkhana area of Dadar West. Zaveri Bazaar, centre of the jewellery industry, is adjacent the iconic Mumbadevi temple from which the city derives its name; both Zaveri Bazaar and Kabutarkhana were also targeted in the 1993 serial blasts.A team of NIA officials, forensics expert…

Delete your External Pathogens

Antibodies, B Cells,T-Cell Activation, Immune Response:

"Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system begins attacking its own tissues rather than external pathogens"
I read this and got a spiritual aspect that is quite true. When we are scarred emotionally we tend to attack our own character rather than the external "pathogen". Pathogens, in health terms are, any disease-producing agent (especially a virus, bacterium or other microorganism). The article said that diseases like multiple sclerosis occur when the immune system begins attacking itself, rather than the external pathogens. Sometimes when emotional viruses or distress producing agents attack us we blame ourselves and start damaging our spirits - the same way physical MS does our body.
We may think, "Maybe it's my fault they betrayed me." or "Maybe if I had of done this it would've turned out different." We don't acknowledge the fact that an "external pathogen" i…


Greetings to you and yours...
It's been a while since I have posted but I want to advise you that NMS is doing well and a big event is being planned. This year we will begin our annual fundraising event for Montel Williams MS Foundation and an approved 501c3 charity that promotes spiritual remission. This is going to be the beginning of something great and your input and ideas are greatly appreciated. More information forthcoming but thanks in advance. TTYL :)