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I love my job even with all its ups and downs... I am blessed to be in a career that I can excel in. However, every day is not perfect and it takes a strong work ethic to get through the day. That's when my work ethic kicks in... what exactly is work ethic?

Image found at  Work ethic is abeliefinthe moralbenefitandimportanceofworkanditsinherentabilitytostrengthencharacter. Nomatter what you do to make ends meet you have to have good work ethic. You have to have the belief that your job and how you perform is important. Work builds character. You don't want your co-workers to be like... "She's here again." or "She is never pleasant to meet!" You may not like what you do but you are blessed to have a job... especially in this economy.

I hold true to Biblical work ethic. I'm sure God intended this scripture for any and everybody who has a job doing anything... It's found in Colossian…


Okay, last week I said that I need to stress less right? It seemed like everything wanted to test my ability to stress less. I had soooo many issues that occurred after that and I guess it was a way of seeing if I really meant what I said... well I did. I didn't respond like I used to. I didn't panic or worry myself about the issues I took them to God in prayer. I didn't struggle with the battle... I took it to my divine connection and left it there...

I took on the G.I.M.P. mindset... I know I got a thing for alphabets... the five Ps and now the G.I.M.P.... go with me for a minute.

It's a mind thing... the Bible says that he will keep us in perfect peace if our mind is stayed on Him right? That's what I did. I took what would usually get me upset and processed it with this mindset... GOD IS MORE POWERFUL... not only is more powerful than your situation he is smarter and more able to deal with it. Try Him... whatever happens to you and whatever tries to stress you …