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"I'm just so thankful. God has blessed me so deeply. I'm getting a second chance. Amazing.", Ted Williams.

He doesn't look like someone you would see on any broadcast network. He has had his ups and downs with substances. He's homeless. But it can't be denied that this man has a voice that is hard to compare to alot of his peers in communications. He says he has a golden voice... a gift from God. His life has did a total 360 in a couple of days! Yet and still we need to ask ourselves if we have overlooked greatness in people because of what we see or what they have done in the past. Have we past by someone not knowing their true ability? Have we refused to give others a chance to show their true worth? They don't necessarily have to be homeless. Thank God HE is not like us.  If many of us who claim we "know God" had this mentality many people would see God in our lives more! I'm loving the fact that destiny has been fulfilled in this man&#…

IN 2011

First let me say Happy New Year to everyone. It is something different about this year. Do you feel it? It's like it's a rejuvenation and energetic field of great things. Truly live in this moment. Find something you love to do and do it. Initiate it. I am thankful that God has motivated me to be true to my purpose. I am writing this year. I am going to write books that deliver a message in a real urban and approachable way. Will I say things that raise eyebrows? Yes. That is why I am putting an advisory on all books. 18+. This is gonna be mature content and if you are not able to handle the content I hope you think twice about picking it up. I'm in love with the concept of being open... Too many are confined to what people want them to be. I'm going to be a spokesperson for those who want to hear the truth... let's do this. Hope you enjoy.