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Greetings to you! It has been a while since I have posted to NMS and please forgive me for not doing so. The flesh has been under attack but I know that all things are working together for my good. I have been dealing with the various effects of MS. I have been having eye tremors which causes involuntary twitching and my mouth has been twisted for a couple of days. I am telling you this because I am in need of your fervent prayers..In the midst of all the adversity I give God praise because he has strengthen my spirit through the good friendships and connections I have in the spirit. I am grateful for all the well wishes I have received from Indiana to India. I thank God for all the love you have shown me and I am devoted to this cause more than ever. Even though we may be attacked in many areas God is still God. He will have the final say. I was online this week and ran across a blog from a survivor of Multiple Sclerosis. Her blog is located here:…