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O'Jays singer reveals long battle with multiple sclerosis

Alot of us know how to keep the face of MS under control. We know how to look like we are holding a pretty normal life. The truth is, we are holdiing pretty normal lives. Even though we may have been diagnosed with this ugly disease we continue to live productive lives. It has different effects for many people thus the name, "multiple sclerosis". A member of the well knowed group the OJays recently admitted that he had been dealing with the disease for over three decades. His story can be found here: It's a good read and very encouraging for those who are dealing with this struggle. As Montel often says, "I may have MS but MS does not have me!"

My latest HateMail and Instructions on How to Leave NoMoreSclerosis!

Even though I got this vicious email this morning... THE SMILE CANNOT BE DEFERRED!
I recently sent a message to "members" of No More Sclerosis to let them know that the group will be reduced to 120 members by June 2010. Some people responded requesting their stay. Others responded in a not so friendly way. Maybe some people do not remember becoming members, voluntarily. I never asked anyone to become a member of the group and I never automatically enrolled anyone. However, some people just have the mind to be nasty. Here is the email I got today: I WANT TO BE UNSUBSCRIBED FROM THIS SITE!! i KEEPSENDING E-MAILS. WHATS A N**** GOITTA DO TO GET THA F*** UP OFF THIS SITE??????????????? pLEASE QUIT SENDIN YOUR S*** TO MY MAILBOX. ENOUGH TO HAVE THIS HORRIBLE DISEASE, BUT THEN TO HAVE SOME LOONEY CHICK KEEP SENDIN ME GARBAGE IS ALMOST INTOLERABLE DO YOU REALLY NEED THE ATTN THAT BAD??!?? U-THA-F***-SUBSCRIBE ME B****!!!! GET UP OFF MY N*** YOU GETS NONE OF THESE!!!