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I know that I may not be
The woman that you've known
That doesn't seem to bother me
Since I have become grown
Many tears I have shed
From people that were close
People I thought that had my back
Is where I've hurt the most
I hope my transparency
Is not what hurts you deep
I just feel I have too much to say
Too much for me to keep
So lend your eye to this site
Or a book that I may write


SUICIDEis the intentional taking of one's own life or the destruction of one's own interests or prospects It seems like the end, "How could they?" "How could I?" (Bang) The gunshot just ended the entire story prematurely. No lesson to learn because there is no more time to use... it is ended. On several occassions I attempted suicide. The only thing that scared me more was the fact that I would end the prospect of a better life due to my fault. So in that case I reviewed hope vs. suicide. What if the gun hadn't of jammed? What if the pills actually did what I thought I wanted them to do? What if I really took my own life? I wouldn't have the chance to write this email. I wouldn't have learned the lessons from my scars - both physically and spiritually. In every situation there is a chance that life can be better. When you end your own life you unsuspectedly state that God can't do anything to fix it either. So you will take the situation in yo…


MY JOY IS COMPLETEJOY - the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elationCOMPLETE - thorough; entire; total; undivided, uncompromised, or unmodifiedIs my life perfect? By no means! Do I have everything I want? Not me! But I can sufficiently say my joy is complete.My happiness that is caused by God is entire, total, unmodified and uncompromised.. Nothing and nobody can affect my happiness because my relationship with God has made my joy complete.There are many things we can and could complain about. There are many scars and situations that we wish we could change but make today different. Make a conscious decision to have complete joy. Be completely joyous. Don't depend on mere man to make you joyful but give this responsibility to God. Make it your business to be happy. There are situations in my life that could affect me negatively but I have decided that this life is not abundant when I living it unhappily. In …

NMS Response to the Earthquake in Haiti and QOTW - Natural disasters?

I wanted to respond to this earlier but time did not permit. When disasters happen both naturally and spiritually we tend to question, "Where is God in all this?" Our prayers and hearts go out to the people affected by the hurricane in Haiti. There is never a straightforward answer to Why because we never know the mind of God. However, we must always remember that He is sovereigh and behind it all there is an answer. Even if we can't understand it or phathom it we must continue to realize he is in control. As always, we are praying but we know that they need our financial support. Do the best you can to make a charitable donation to a charity of your choice that will securely make available their needs. We are praying for you and them today and everyday. GotQuestions offers Biblical insight to likewise situations... take a read...

Question: "Why does God allow natural disasters, i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis?"

Why does God allow earthquakes, t…

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