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Just because you don't see it...

Excuse my redundancy. I think I wrote about this before but I really need to do it again today. MS is a disease that affects different people in different ways. The truth of the matter is... many of us have multiple "scars" - which is the definition of sclerosis. Some of us deal with it more than others - it's more evident. Many people look at me and ask, "Do you really have MS?" I still do what I used to do... just a little slower. I said that to say this... just because you don't see the scars doesn't mean it's not there. A lot of us have been hurt and scarred but we smile. We look like we got it going on but if the truth be told... we have scars that no one can see. That's what NMS is all about - not just the physical but the spiritual. We all have been scarred and even though others can't see it God can. Not only does he see it but he can heal the aftermath of your pain. You don't want to be scarred so bad that it turns into sclerosis …

God is not the quick fix!

I think many need to understand this - GOD IS NOT THE QUICK FIX. It's okay to learn scriptures based on their intent but God should not be in the same category as a tylenol. We so often take him when we need him to get over symptoms. We have symptoms of fear, anxiety, doubt, whatever. But just like pain medication we take him for what he is worth or what he can do and we put him back on the shelf... until needed again.

God is not a quick fix. He needs to be considered as more. He should be all, right? I thought that's why we loved him?

Read this:
Quick Fixby Shane Williams
via The Lilbourn Light, Vol. 8, No. 11, March 2008Some people pray only after a catastrophe. This "quick fix" mentality sees God mainly as a problem solver. When solutions come, God may or may not be thanked. After that, He is more or less forgotten until the next crisis.Psalm 106 contains a serious warning against dismissing God fr…