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For me?

Hello everyone and Happy Easter,

I have been hearing that alot today at work and I wanted to blog about it. Hopefully you have a few minutes to read my rant.

I understand how people would want to celebrate Easter but it is important to know why we treasure this holiday. It's more than a new suit, new hat, and the perfect dinner out. This is an awesome opportunity that was granted to us by God himself. It must be said that we do not deserve this type of relationship with God. We say things, do things, act certain ways that are displeasing to Him. I'm sure... I can honestly say I do. Even through all that he came down and made a sacrifice for us all. He took on flesh in the form of his son and bore the grief of us all... so that we qualify to be his children.

To me, that's Easter... and it's more than one warm spring day out the year. This is a lifetime thing. I know I am not worthy of this honor. But he did it for us. For me. I have to ask myself sometimes, "For me? Y…