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Covered Scars are still scars

I don't see your scar!That doesn't mean it does not exist!People see me going about... doing what I do everyday and they say, "You have MS Quiyada? You're not hurting."These people don't see me waking up in pain. They don't see my legs giving out when walking. Just because you don't see the scar does not mean it does not exist. They don't see the nights when I cry to my husband about getting back in my stilettos. Just because I carry it well does not mean it does not exist. I am handling my diagnosis and I have been blessed to not experience a lot... I still deal with the symptoms.There's a spiritual side to this post. A scar is also aftermath from a psychological injury. The church is known to ignore scars to keep an image going. They see other people's scars but sometimes refuse to see their own. They are covered - under bandages. You see a man come in church and he is known for being a drug dealer and you know his scar. It's open to…

Accessory or Necessity?

It's important to understand the difference ACCESSORY a subordinate or supplementary part, object, or the like, used mainly for convenience, attractiveness, safety, etc., contributing to a general effect; supplementary; subsidiary Earrings are an accessory. You can leave the house without it. If you don't have earrings on you can still enter a store, walk on the street... It's a supplementary part. It is used for attractiveness or an addition. NECESSITY something necessary or indispensable Pants are a neccesity. Don't try to go in anybody's store without a bottom on.You will get kicked out. If you are dealing with a person that's doing you wrong and they think you NEED them... do the Accessory or Necessity test: Ask yourself 1) Is this person essential to my life? 2) If I didn't have this person in my life could I manage? 3) Is this person in my life as an addition or subtraction to who I am? 4) Is this person here out of sheer convenience to themselves or me? While ask…

Low Self Esteem equals Desperation and Heartbreak

Heartbreak - along with any other emotional scar can be cured. But first... we have to look at the cause of the emotional disease. Consider the following formula:Low self-esteem + Desperation= HeartbreakLow self-esteem I can speak on this freely because I am familiar with low self-esteem and desperation. What is esteem? Esteem is favorable opinion or judgement. It's respect or regard. Now when we say self esteem we are speaking of how you think about YOU. One important part of the spiritual central nervous system is your optic nerves. See yourself the way God does... beautifully!That is one thing I had to learn. I had to respect myself and have a true judgement about who I was. What's amazing is how we let others control how we feel about ourselves. In a relationship that can be disastrous. When you allow someone else to define you and disrespect you - that's damaging your esteem. If my husband wakes up tomorrow and says he's tired of being with this church girl... &qu…