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Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of famed Britney Spears, is pregnant at sixteen. Read an article about it here. Some may ask, "What is going on in the Spears household?" or "What didn't go on?" Was there a lack of discipline, boundaries, communication? We can all have our various opinion. Some may even say her behavior is a direct result of big sis. Are her mistakes the residue of her sister's bad decisions. Before we point the finger we should be sure of one thing... a person's bad decision is a result of their own personal responsibility. How many people have we heard about who had drug addicts as parents or grew up in a bad neighborhood and made something of themselves? Plenty. So that argument doesn't stick with me. Are we to down Jamie in this time in her life? NO! Definitely not those who profess Christ and base their lives on his love. Am I saying this road will be easy for her? Definitely not. Sixteen is too early for such a great task. She has a lo…


I got the not so pleasant message today that my bandwidth might be exceeding. If you get s message in regards to bandwidth... we'll be back on shortly. I guess you guys really like what God is doing over here. (In my best Canadian voice: "Neat eh?") Be a better friend, newshound, and know-it-all with Yahoo! Mobile. Try it now.


Read this free document from NMS Publishing. Our view of this year (spiritually) and what's coming in the eighth year of this millenium. Click here to read. (pdf document Adobe Reader is required.) Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.


If you don't know you must have been staying under a brick or you have no access to media. The prime minister of Pakistan was assasinated yesterday. The entire free world is mourning her death because she was a champion for anti-terrorism and peace. She was surely a woman of great integrity. Yes, I am a Christian but I can respect the efforts anyone makes for peace regardless of religion. It's sad what this world has turned into and what it is slowly progressing into. In a time like this we need to spread love and knowledge. We are in imminent danger due to people who want to drastically impact the lives of others by violent tactics. Not only did Bhutto die but others also along with the suicide bomber himself... believe it or not.. all in the name of religion. People are dying for what they believe is a justifiable cause. This post is not to spark a religious debate but to state my own personal opinion. I have accepted the gift of salvation from one who died for ME. He does no…


Foxy has apparently "found God". Read an article about it here or google it. It's everywhere. My question is... why is there so much noise about this. She went deaf for a half year, got into some criminal trouble... but in the midst of it she "found God" Instead of the media doing what they do best they should encourage the change. That's what the problem is... we devote too much time to the scars. Yes, she had a rough past. She did some things that she apparently is not proud of. I like something she said. She mentioned something about God humbling her through this process. That's all that matters. A change has taken place. Whatever God has to do to get your attention he will do it. In the end you will see him for who he is and you will also see yourself for who you really are... without the scars from your past. Fox, I'm proud of you. Even though you are locked up allow your spirit to be free. That's who you really are and no one can ever cage yo…


It's Christmas Eve and I believe everyone has lost their minds... literally. They are speeding, rushing, arguing, cussing... for what? A gift, to hurry and get home? I don't know... but one thing I do miss is my brothers and sisters home for the holidays. My Dad has two gifts for them.. and trust me my dad does not give crummy gifts. He has the same teo BIG GIFTS for all his kids... my bad brother that stole $1,000,000 from the bank, my sister who had to have been on every drug known to man. He even has the same two big gifts for my brother who adamantly ignores the fact that my father is even his dad. Because I am so close to my father I can feel his heart almost. He really just wants them to come and pick up the gifts. They won't even come and receive them. Here's the kicker, we celebrate my oldest brother's birthday on Christmas. He even offered to die in the place of my other brothers and sisters. They don't even care about that! Get it yet? My father is the…

No reason to stress!

I have absolutely no reason to be in a foul mood today. I am enjoying my life and I am understanding my worth. Is it because of an enormous ring my husband got me? NO! Is it because I have all the gifts my kids asked for? Heavens NO! I at peace with myself... who I have grown into. I'm with limitations but I also have qualifications...qualifications to become everything God designed me to be. How did that happen? I stopped trying so hard and I have decided to just live my life. I want alot of things in my life but I am not going to spend my time in pity. I'm being productive...I'm looking forward to tomorrow and I am not dreading today. I've made achievable plans and I am going to stick to them. I am not declaring this as a new year's resolution. Many og us make those statements and don't resolve anything. I don't want to be one of those people. I want to love my life and be content with the changes I have made. I'm saying no to things I don't want o…


The battle with MS is one that many faces in the United States and the world abroad. It has changed my life and has caused me to become more grateful than I'd ever imagine. I found myseld today almost in tears... why? God's faithfulness to me. In this time of my life when I should be uncertain, hurt and discouraged I am just the opposite. I will say that I am thankful for the lessons this disease has taught me about my spirit. Just when I would want to give up I can't. There's way too much to say and proclaim. I used to cry sometimes because I felt I had no one to talk to, no one to support the dreams God has given me. It's different now. What I do for God only reflects my gratefulness and how perfect he is in my life. Not how perfect my life is, but how he is so perfect in my life. I'm not arrogant to the point that there are others dealing with the physical and emotional strains of MS. It's just my joy to say in the midst of it you can find peace that is …

Whose getting a gift?

We all know the routine. Shop til' you drop... sales everywhere. Based on the friendships you have cultivated your list of people to give to is probably longer. You don't have the funds? You risk the chance of losing a friend over a sweater.

Ughhhh! The holidays. There is one thing that needs to be remembered... the reason. Not just the "reason for the season" but the reason why you are able to live life everyday. His name is Jesus. It's funny how we take the holidays and turn it around into a holiday that only profits us. It's here to make us happy. We build up our Christmas savings account but what about building the Kingdom?

The title of this post is "Whose getting a gift?" I'm sure family and friends will receive from you. What are you giving God? I can hear you now. "How can I give God anything? He owns it all. I have nothing to give him."

Someone else had that same sentiment and wrote it in a song about the birth of Christ. We call …

AN IMPROPER INTRODUCTION: My next fictional novel

I have something to share with you... two scenarios.

First one...
Suppose I wanted you to know my husband. Many of my friends know my husband plays basketball. They know he takes good care of my kids. We got married early. I call them and say, "Girl, he ran my bathwater last night and fixed me dinner." Knowing all that he does for me, do they actually know him? No, they don't know him. All they know is what he does. They do not know his family, what he likes, how he reacts to certain things, and his character. All they know is what he does for ME.

Second one...
Two girls are friends. Their names are Sasha and Rene. Rene is having some financial difficulties and is in need of help. She calls Sasha and cries to her for some assistance. She can't do anything for her. She tells her, "Girl, I know you need your loans paid and your credit fixed so I'll introduce you to my friend Vivian."

Rene says, "I don't know Vivian. I've heard you say that sh…