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How I Met My Best Friend

My mother used to tell me, "Never ignore good people. They are the best friends to have." I went through my life trying to find the best friends. I always thought I had found the right one. This person would treat me with respect. I can entrust my feelings with them. I can be myself around them and they would, by no means, judge me. Well... I had some that fulfilled their duties as friends and others had no intent to be truthful. It hurt. How can I give myself totally to someone if I can't trust them with my feelings? There were relationships that failed, friends who walked away... It left me asking, "Why?" Am I that horrible of a person that people choose not to value my friendship? Then I heard about someone. He and I had met previously. My mom and dad introduced me to him. They promised me that he would be a good friend. He was a good friend to them. He always made my mom emotional whenever they talked. She would tell me, "Just being around him makes me …