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Hey everyone, I pray that you are having a blessed New Year. 🤗 I wanted to give you guys a update. If you are dx with MS you know how difficult multi tasking can be. Up to 2018, I have operated two FB pages, a support group, my philanthropic goals, other social networks, my website, my blog and I have been in school as well. We won't discuss my pause in literary contributions with books😱

I have attempted to do all these things as carefully and as slowly as I can, so that my body can keep up. My health is not where it needs to be and I have pushed myself way beyond the limit. To keep up the pace in a general way, I'm combining these things in '19. Updates are upcoming soon. I'll let you know when the migrations are complete. I appreciate your patience with me and I thank you for being a vital part of it all. 😘🤗
Blessings to you and yours!!