Have YOU been considered?

The enemy (and we should all know who that is) has attempted to alter my 20/20 in 2019. I have a lot on my plate currently and the unpredictable nature of a chronic illness makes it no better. When I say "my 20/20", I am referring to my spiritual vision or clarity. I have experienced things that I would not have imagined in this year. Things have occurred and people have changed and I am just sitting back like, "Wow!".

Given the circumstances, it would be perfectly normal for me to give up and be through with everything and everyone but I just refuse to take that approach. Instead of feeling attacked, I actually consider myself fortunate or blessed. God thinks that highly of me. The circumstances would cause someone else to fallback on their dreams and the promises that were divinely given. At first, I did consider it. I am not going to act like every day I have been screaming praises to the heaven for the various situations. I just see how my spiritual vision was trying to be impaired. I can see clearly now since the SON brought clarity about the consideration I am under.

Remember Job in the Bible? If you are unfamiliar with the story, read it. It will show you that if you are living with God's will as your focus, you are only under attack because you are qualified. Job was a man of integrity with a family and a nice wallet. He was apparently living the good life but his life was more than good, it was favored. Job 1 explains that not only was he well off but he feared God, meaning he honored Him. So here is a man of faith, integrity, a big family and money. Nothing could possibly be wrong in his life, right?

When Satan said he was roaming the earth, God asked him if he had considered his servant Job. Well, you know you have to be doing something right when the devil himself can recognize that you are protected. The comeback Satan gave God in Job 1 and 10 was clear, 

"Have You not put a hedge [of protection] around him and his house and all that he has, on every side? You have blessed the work of his hands [and conferred prosperity and happiness upon him], and his possessions have increased in the land" (AMP). 

So even Satan knew that God had protected and enlarged Job. He was definitely not up for grabs. Then Satan responds like the accuser he is in Job 1 and 11 by saying, 

"But put forth Your hand now and touch (destroy) all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face.” (AMP). 

God didn't keep the hedge up and responded to the fallen angel in Job 1 and 12 by saying,

“Behold, ALL that Job has is in your power, only do not put your hand on the man himself.” (AMP).

I want you to focus on the fact that Satan couldn't do anything on his own until given the power from God to do what he wanted to. The question I want to ask you is ... 

Have YOU been considered?😕

Your Best Is Enough

I say this to myself more often now than before. Do you put too much pressure on yourself to succeed? I have done that countless times. It's not about you being the Superman or the Superwoman in every situation. That just cripples you. No one can be everything at all times, all the time. You know?

I've learned, well, I'm learning, to compartmentalize every area of my life. Put things in order and deal with them in sections. It's crucial to maintain peace and this is one way to do so. It might mean that everybody won't receive a "Yes!" or "Ok." It's ok to say "No" or "Not right now.". 

You aren't doing an Injustice to anyone but yourself when you don't work within limits. Having a chronic illness with continual pain and limitations has forced me into a place of structure. I can't do alot that I've done in the past but I can do my best. Practically, that's good enough. Stay strong!


Hey everyone, I pray that you are having a blessed New Year. 🤗 I wanted to give you guys a update. If you are dx with MS you know how difficult multi tasking can be. Up to 2018, I have operated two FB pages, a support group, my philanthropic goals, other social networks, my website, my blog and I have been in school as well. We won't discuss my pause in literary contributions with books😱

I have attempted to do all these things as carefully and as slowly as I can, so that my body can keep up. My health is not where it needs to be and I have pushed myself way beyond the limit. To keep up the pace in a general way, I'm combining these things in '19. Updates are upcoming soon. I'll let you know when the migrations are complete. I appreciate your patience with me and I thank you for being a vital part of it all. 😘🤗
Blessings to you and yours!!

Happy Holidays 2018 - Keep Smiling Regardless


Thanks for all the emails and instant messages that have been sent over the past months. You all are special to my heart. I chuckled at a few asking, "Yada, can you just tell me if you are alive?" Yes, I am alive. I have been somewhat active on social media but I am not as well as I would like to be due to multiple sclerosis. I am still blessed with life and recovering from a few side-attacks but all is well. I thought you all should know.

More importantly, this year is almost over. Can you believe it? 2018 may have came and gone but it definitely left its impact on us all. There were things I wish I could have changed. I cried more than I laughed and reluctantly frowned more than I smile. I don't know if you experienced similar trials in 2018 but I made myself a personal resolution, "Smile no matter what." The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has a slogan, "KeepSmyelin". This word play focuses on what many of us have lost - myelin. In an attempt to add motivation to the situation, we have been admonished by them to "Keep Smyelin" (aka keep smiling).

Even though these words were intended to encourage those with multiple sclerosis you know that NMS has a broader view of multiple sclerosis. We focus on building anyone up who has been scarred, whether physically or emotionally. So let me ask you, "Are you still smiling?" This question needs to be asked to everyone who ever found a reason to frown. Don't let any situation steal your "smyle".

What exactly is myelin? Well, it's the covering that layers over nerve fibers. In multiple sclerosis, our body has turned against itself. Instead of myelin being viewed as a helping agent, it is viewed as a violator and it is scarred. This scarring can cause nerve transmission to slow up or stop altogether. Due to this destruction of myelin we suffer from a great variety of disabilities. That's the physical. Let's go spiritual. What situation in your life scarred your covering or your self-esteem? You may have been so positive before but after this "traumatic injury" happened, you started to attack yourself. 

I encourage you to live your best life because you deserve it. You are entitled to no more sclerosis. Allow yourself to be healed in your spirit. Take this mentality starting today and you are bound to have a better new life and year. I know it is true! 

Missing you, 

Relapsing Remitting Damaging Scars

I am a proponent for a healthy central nervous system, both physically and spiritually. I say this with good reasoning. In 2006 I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and it taught me a lot about who I am. It was not issued as a punishment but as a portrait that would remind me of how fortunate I was spiritually.

According to the doctors I have become acquainted with this disease that came in a way that was not expectant. What caused it? There are medical assumptions but nothing seemingly concrete. The only thing that is apparent is the fact that my immune system is attacking itself. My myelin, which is meant to protect my nerve fibers, is treating my normal cells as foreign invaders. These attacks have caused damage by scaring the covering.

Ok, so what medicine can I take to heal the situation? According to current physiology there is no known cure. So what do I have to do? Slow the progression with drugs. It can be something that can break the spirit but I refuse to give it that authority. Unfortunately, I am not able to do many things I have done before. Every day is different and sometimes just waking up and getting out of bed is a dire task. This is something that we, MS Warriors, deal with often. Many of us have different symptoms so no case is alike. What scars me may not scar others but we all deal with scarring.

I mentioned spiritual central nervous systems earlier and briefly I'd like to introduce you to my life's mission. Your physical spiritual central nervous system consists of your brain, your spine and your optic nerves. In MS these areas are damaged and not able to function properly. Why? The scars slow or downright block the travel of the nerves to the proper body part. That's why we fall sometimes, we stutter, we get confused, we forget, we have double vision and many more symptoms.

Spiritually, what has scarred you? What traumatic event has caused your future to stop or stall? What happened that caused you to stop seeing yourself as beautiful or someone full of potential? That situation damaged your spiritual sight or optic nerves. What event has you thinking differently about yourself? Why do you think differently about you and others? You are suffering from damage in your spiritual "brain". Lastly, but just as important, have you stopped moving toward your destiny? Are you scared to try again because you are sick of falling? That pause in purpose can be credited to a damaged spiritual "spine". You are out of alignment with your purpose.

It is my mission in life to encourage others to restore their spiritual myelin and live in remission or forgiveness. Forgive yourself, forgive others and accept divine forgiveness. I don't do this for profit or popularity but for purpose. We need more good news and I want to give it to you. You have purpose and you have a reason to be here on this earth. Someone's destiny can be catapulted through your testimony. This blog and every social network presence I am on is intended to show you my scars. No matter how ugly or painful they are they are forgiven and you and I will be better for living pass the scar.

P.S. Sclerosis is a damaging scar. Declare no more sclerosis and turn every lesion into a lesson. Live beyond your injury.



Are you unable to forgive someone? Don't give someone that much power over your life. I know some people may think, "They hurt me so why should I even consider forgiving them?" That answer is blatantly clear, God forgave you. Even though you may consider your offenses less drastic, you are still forgiven. We didn't deserve to be forgiven and you may feel that your offender doesn't deserve it either. What kind of world would we live in if everyone felt like that?

No matter how complicated it is forgiveness is necessary. I blocked many blessings because I refused to forgive people. Now I let things go easily because there is a lot that I don't get right. Yeah, that's the reason why I choose to forgive. I choose to forgive because God chose to forgive me. I have nothing to lose by letting the pain go in certain situations.

Consider how much you have to gain when you choose to forgive. You sleep better, you live longer, you are actually healthier as well. Many studies suggest that the immune system can be compromised when negativity is present in our lives. It's actually not worth it to hold on to the pain. Take care of yourself by renewing your life with forgiveness.

Check out this advanced form of forgiveness that was displayed by a mother whose son was killed by her neighbor. This story is truly inspiring.


Live in Abundance

Hey, let's have a conversation about the life we can have. In John 10:10 it says "the cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

So, this thief, who we know is the adversary known as Satan,  "cometh" which is a continual thing. It doesn't just come once but it is on a perpetual mission to keep coming. There are three objectives of the mission - to steal, to kill and to destroy. First, it comes to take something away or forcefully take possession of something that belongs to you. What it doesn't steal it can kill. We all know what happens in a killing of any sort - life is taken away. If it doesn't steal or kill then its aim is to destroy. 

You may be thinking, "Wait, isn't killing and destroying the same thing?" Like stated earlier, when something is killed it is deprived of life. What was once animated is dead. Likewise, when something is destroyed it is known to "render ineffective or useless" (Dictionary.com). In some situations, the enemy does not kill you completely but he will cause so much damage that you are ineffective and useless. Even though the attempts are meant to steal, kill and destroy you have another alternative. Turn the situation around by insuring your existence with abundant life.

What was possibly stolen, killed,  or destroyed was meant to deter the life you are meant to live. Through this new life all the former damage can be repaired and used for your good. The latter part of the verse reminds us that Christ came so that we can "have life, and that they may have it more abundantly". Now consider life, since this is the gift that is granted to all who accept this covenant. Life is "any specified period of animate existence" (Dictionary.com). So we are referring to your animated existence. Christ came to give us life and that is clearly expressed in the selfless gift of remission through shed blood. However, life was given in an advanced form. We are given life "more abundantly". 

Abundance is "an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply" (Dictionary.com). So we can live life abundantly. We are provided plenty of life, an over sufficient quantity and supply of life. A matter of fact, we are offered eternal life. The life that is eternal is the spiritual one. The life that is given to natural man is not promised to last forever but the spiritual birth we have never ends. When we leave earth we are simply leaving work and going home. So while we are here on earth we can still enjoy life - in any situation, knowing that we have an abundant, eternal supply that cannot be ended prematurely in the spirit. This is a gift that no one can take away.


Have YOU been considered?

The enemy (and we should all know who that is) has attempted to alter my 20/20 in 2019. I have a lot on my plate currently and the un...


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